May 2017
Mother’s Day Craft Ideas
Mother’s Day Craft Ideas
Show Mom you care with thoughtful handcrafted gifts

Handcrafted gifts are extra special for moms on Mother’s Day. Since handmade gifts take time, thought and creativity, moms are sure to cherish these one-of-a-kind treasures for years to come. Whether funny, practical or sentimental, these DIY craft ideas from Better Homes and Gardens are sure to delight moms on Mother’s Day.

Designer mug

Mom’s morning cup of coffee or tea will be sweeter when she drinks it from a mug designed by her little one. Supplies needed for this project are a mug, transfer paper, paper with design, scissors, a pencil, tape and an oil-based paint pen.

Choose a coffee mug. Sizing it to the mug, doodle your message, picture or design on a piece of paper. Then, cut out a piece of transfer paper that is a bit bigger than the drawing. Tape the edges of both the transfer paper and the paper with your design onto the mug; the doodle should be on top of the transfer paper. Using a pencil, trace the design onto the mug. Once you are finished tracing the entire image, take away the transfer paper and drawing from the mug. Use an oil-based paint pen to trace over the design. For one hour, bake the mug in the oven at 425 degrees.

Flowery note

Make Mom smile with a thoughtful note on Mother’s Day. Make the card even more special by embellishing the cover with real, thoroughly dried flowers. Choose her favorite flower to make it even more sentimental. With this craft, Mom will be able to keep her Mother’s Day flowers for much longer.

Say cheese

Moms love nothing more than the smiling faces of their children. Combined with a vibrant plant, this is the perfect gift to brighten her day.

Pick out a pot that has straight smooth sides. Choose one of your most photogenic moments; enlarge your smiling face so that your head is close to the height of the pot you’ve chosen, and print out the photo. Obtain a pair of scissors and cut around your head. Then, cut off the top of your head. Grab clear contact paper and measure it to fit the width and a few inches taller than the height of the planter. Remove the backing from the contact paper. Grab the photo of your head and center it facedown on the contact paper, lining it up with the top edge. Smooth any ripples or bubbles as you adhere the contact paper onto the pot. Use a craft knife or scissors to snip off any stray ends.

Since the picture on the pot is missing the top of your head, fill the planter with a plant like a spiky cactus or an out-of-control fern that will give you a unique and outrageous hairstyle sure to make your mom chuckle every time she waters it.

Your mom is sure to marvel at your creativity when you present her with one of these handcrafted gifts on Mother’s Day.

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