April 2017
Tips for Going to Baseball Games
Tips for Going to Baseball Games
Take yourself to the ball game with these useful tips

It is time once again for the boys of summer to take the field. America’s pastime has returned, which means that you can look forward to spending days at the ballpark watching pitchers duel and batters swing for the fences. If you have never been to a big league game, or even to a semi-pro or collegiate one, there are a few things you may want to know ahead of time.

Do your homework

Nothing quite torpedoes a day at the ballpark like a lack of planning ahead of time. If you have never ventured out to the ballpark before, it is imperative that you have some idea of where you need to go. If you are planning to grab tickets at the ballpark, know where to find the ticket offices. If you have already purchased tickets or have a particular section in mind, know where the exits, bathrooms and concession stands are.

With respect to the idea of being prepared, it is also good to know where you can park. Regardless of the market you live in, the magnetism of baseball leads to high parking prices at most lots within a couple of miles of the park. If possible, scout parking lots ahead of time to find the best combination of location and price, or see if there is an available shuttle or public transit service that can bring you to your destination.

Dress appropriately

Be sure to check the weather forecast ahead of your day out at the ballpark. If rain is in the forecast, consider packing a rain jacket or poncho. If the weather looks to be chilly, wear long pants and a hooded sweatshirt.

If you are attending a game between June and August, it is more likely that the weather is going to be hot. If you are looking at a sunny and hot day, be sure that you dress lightly. Wear shorts and tank tops, consider bright colors that deflect sunlight and always pack sunscreen and sunglasses. The only thing more unpleasant than sweating profusely during a game is dealing with a week’s worth of sunburns after the fact, so it is imperative that you take appropriate steps to avoid skin damage.

Plan your food needs

One of the broader appeals of visiting the ballpark align with those outlined in “Take Me Out to The Ballgame.” Whether you prefer peanuts or pretzels, a hot dog or hamburger or washing it down with a big soda or tall glass of beer, ballparks are more than ready to accommodate with a wide variety of foods.

Stadium food can be pricey, however, which may leave you looking for a more affordable alternative. Your first step to staying full and hydrated is checking your ballpark’s carry-in policy. Many ballparks will allow visitors to bring in unopened bottles of water, and others will also permit attendees to bring in outside food, which allows you to forego having to spend a bundle on ballpark food. If not, consider planning meals around your visit to the park.

By following these tips, you can ensure yourself an uncomplicated and hassle-free day at the ballpark. Be sure to bring along your friends and family to enjoy one of the most quintessentially American activities.

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