March 2017
Mom-Approved April Fool’s Day Pranks
Mom-Approved April Fool’s Day Pranks
These family-friendly pranks will surely bust a few guts

When it comes to April Fool’s Day, there’s always one person that takes things a little too far. Instead of completely ruining someone’s day, try some of these mom-approved pranks that’ll still provide a ton of laughs.

Mashed potato sundae surprise

What causes more confusion than anticipating a nice, tasty scoop of ice cream, only to find that you’re eating last night’s dinner instead? Mashed potatoes, dark gravy and a cherry tomato on top make for an excellent faux-sundae. Make sure you use an ice cream scoop for the mashed potatoes to get the full sundae effect.

Become the ultimate timekeeper

If your home features numerous clocks in different rooms, either digital or traditional, you have the chance to really mess with someone’s daily schedule. Just be sure to set those clocks forward so they aren’t actually late to an important meeting or appointment. Don’t forget to adjust the clock on the oven, microwave or other household appliances as well.

Freshly baked fake food

Another popular food-related prank is telling someone that you’ve made them some fresh brownies. The prank involves cutting out a few letter E’s from brown construction paper, putting them in a baking tin and covering it with aluminum foil. Get ready to capture the look of sheer disappointment with your camera as they pull back the foil to reveal your surprise… brown E’s!

Super soaker faucet

If you don’t mind cleaning up a potential mess of water later, then this prank is perfect. Put tape over part of the faucet opening before someone goes to use the sink. When they turn the water on they’ll be soaked from the water spraying out everywhere. You might want to have some towels readily available for the grumpy victim of this prank.

Surprise in the toilet

For a startling moment in the bathroom, blow up a helium balloon and place it in the toilet with the seat down. When the person in there opens the seat, they’ll get a small surprise when the balloon starts floating up in the air in front of them. For extra fun, write a silly message on the balloon in permanent marker. Just be sure to let the marker dry before placing the balloon inside the toilet.

Can’t drink that juice thinks a good way to fool the kids is to give them undrinkable juice. To pull off this prank, you’ll need to get some gelatin and food coloring that is the same color as your kids’ favorite drink. Simply put the gelatin mixture in a cup in the fridge with a straw in it and let it set overnight. Serve the “drink” to your kid and watch them struggle to get the juice through the straw.

Stuffed shoes

A simple prank for the little ones is the old toilet paper in the shoes gag. Take some extra toilet paper (or a pair of socks if you don’t want to waste paper) and shove them into the toes of your victim’s shoes. When they go to put their shoes on, they won’t understand why they can’t get their feet all the way in.

These jokes are sure to get a few laughs out of both the prankster and those getting pranked, without making anyone irrationally angry. Try one out for this year’s April Fool’s Day!

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