DIY Toys for Your Four-Legged Friends
January 2017
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DIY Toys for Your Four-Legged Friends
Try these simple DIY toys for all of your furry friends

We love our four-legged friends and want the best for them. This means keeping them entertained with toys and treats galore. To save your wallet, consider this list of some DIY toys for your furry pals that they will definitely enjoy.

T-shirt and tennis ball tug toy

If you have an old T-shirt or towel lying around, don’t throw it away just yet. Using a simple braiding technique, you can create a rope tug toy that your pooch will love. Cut a couple holes in a tennis ball and thread the T-shirt rope through it to add extra fun. Check out the steps for this toy at

Tennis ball treat puzzle

All you need for this pup-pleasing toy is a tennis ball, a knife and a few treats. Simply cut an X into the ball and stuff a few treats inside. Let your pal smell the ball so he knows there are treats, and let him figure out how to get them out. For more information on this DIY toy, check out

Hand-tied chewing rope

If you’ve got a serious chewer on your hands, then you will rejoice at this DIY toy idea. Grab some rope, zip ties and scissors to create an indestructible chew toy that will keep your pup occupied for hours. For more detailed instructions, go to

Indoor T-shirt frisbee

While this idea is originally for a T-shirt rug, it can also be used to create a smaller version that doubles as a soft Frisbee for your pooch. Not to mention, the soft T-shirt material will allow indoor play without scuffing walls or furniture. Check out the simple steps for this toy at

Tennis ball foxtail

When it comes to playing fetch, a plain stick or ball can get boring. Try mixing things up for your furry companion by creating this simple foxtail toy. All you need is a tennis ball, scraps of fabric, a sewing machine (and needle) and dental floss. If you don’t have extra fabric lying around, old pantyhose can work as well, with a knot at the end. More detailed instructions for this fun toy can be found at 

Woven rope bone

Give the dog a bone without the mess that typically accompanies a normal bone. For this heavy-duty toy, you’ll just need some cotton rope, two tennis balls, cardboard, pins, duct tape and a few minutes to weave it all together to create the bone shape. For a list of instructions, check out

Cardboard cat house

If you’re not a dog person, you can still create DIY toys for your feline friends. A simple cardboard box can be a cat’s favorite item. To make it more fun, cut holes on the sides of the box so your cat can slip her paws through. Add some strings or feathers to the top for extra fun. Check out a more advanced design at 

Catnip pillow

Cats love catnip. If you have an old T-shirt or sock lying around, you can create a simple catnip pillow for your furball to enjoy. Simply cut the shirt into equal squares, sew three sides, stuff with catnip and sew the remaining side to close it up. Your kitten will have a new favorite toy in no time. For more detailed instructions, check out

Whether you’re a cat or dog person, we’re sure your four-legged pals will enjoy some of these simple DIY toys!

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