4 Best Places to Get Dessert in New England
January 2017
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4 Best Places to Get Dessert in New England
Treat your sweet tooth to these tasty desserts in New England

After a good meal, there is nothing better than a perfect dessert.  If you are lucky enough to be in New England, you are perfectly situated for some seriously sweet treats. Take a look at these well-reviewed places to start your search for your next craving.

The Skinny Pancake (Vermont)

In Burlington, Vermont, The Skinny Pancake sits on the waterfront. The name might make you think that this place is all about taking a breakfast favorite and making it healthy, but this eatery actually serves crepes of all kinds. Before dessert, you can enjoy a savory crepe with cheese and meat or non-crepe entrees. When it comes to dessert, The Skinny Pancake has you covered with sweet crepes filled with things like Nutella, bananas, apples, honey, lemon and granulated sugar. Locals on Yelp praise the restaurant’s great food and community atmosphere, so you will have a great time enjoying your dessert as well. Learn more about The Skinny Pancake on their website.

Pastiche Fine Desserts (Rhode Island)

If you are in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence, consider making a stop at Pastiche. This café focuses solely on hot drinks and sweet treats, and visitors say that they are some of the best desserts they have ever had. Many reviews on Yelp praise the cozy atmosphere, which includes a lit fireplace in colder months, and the Tetris-like seating that allows for more patrons to sit inside than it appears from outside the building. The pastries and treats inside the case are all made with love, and chefs stick to the traditional ingredients (mascarpone in the cannolis instead of ricotta) for an authentic experience. Visit the Pastiche Fine Desserts website for more information about this charming dessert spot.

Mike’s Pastry (Massachusetts)

Another fine establishment to visit in New England if you’re a fan of Italian desserts is Mike’s Pastry in Boston. Mike’s is firmly on Team Ricotta when it comes to filling cannoli, but you don’t want to argue with more than 50 years of cooking experience and many varieties of the sweet Italian dessert. If cannolis are not your favorite treat, consider one of the shop’s many other specialties, such as cakes, cookies, torrone and marzipan. Check out the Mike’s Pastry website for more information about the shop and its Boston-area locations.

The Cupcake Brake (Connecticut)

This dessert spot suggestion is unique on this list, because we can’t tell you exactly where to go to try this company’s raved-about cupcakes. It is not because we’re being difficult, or because this restaurant is very secretive, but because The Cupcake Brake is on wheels. This food truck is based out of Hartford, Connecticut. If you want to try these cupcakes, which come in a variety of flavors, check out the food truck’s website to see where it will park this week.

New England is filled with sweet treats no matter which state or town you stop in. Hopefully these suggestions will give your sugary journey a good head start to help you find the place that matches your tastes. 

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