August 2020
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Workforce Training Program
FinLit Sessions

Money Smart KC (MSKC) was asked to deliver financial education as part of a three week Workforce Training Program (WTP). Central Bank of KC was one of seven organizations that created and delivered two days of FinLit to the program participants. The WTP was a cornerstone of developer Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate LLC's bid for New Airport Terminal and is part of broader measures by the developer to create a lasting impact on the community through the construction process.

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Getting Ahead

Budgeting Apps to Help Stabilize Your Finances
Manage your spending, set up a budget or monitor your credit, right from your phone

If there’s one thing we all want and need more of, it’s money. However, many of us struggle to take control of our finances, whether that’s because we spend too much on non-essentials, have a less-than-ideal credit score or any number of other factors.

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Which Debt Should You Pay Off First?
Strategies to suit your lifestyle

On the surface, managing your debt can seem relatively easy — just make minimum payments. However, if you’d like to pay down your debts, you have some choices to make.

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Tips for Reducing Stress and Increasing Positivity
How to relieve the mental pressure in your life

The stress of everyday life can be tough to deal with even under normal circumstances — and in these uncertain and difficult times, the pressure feels even more intense.

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Preventing Flat Tires
How to prevent your car’s tires from falling flat

Paying attention to the condition, health and inflation of your tires can help safeguard you from dangerous driving situations like a flat tire or tire blowout.

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Business Banking

How to Accept Credit Card Payments
Grow your business with credit card payments

Credit cards are a central part of the modern shopping experience — and if your business can’t accept credit card payments, you’re probably missing out on some serious revenue.

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