January 2020
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Go Chiefs!!!!!
Super Bowl Bound

Teddy repping for the Chiefs!
The Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl and the whole town is buzzing with excitement! There are so many great stories out there about the KC Chiefs and our Super Bowl bid. Here's some great articles about the Chiefs from ESPN:

Five moves that propelled Chiefs from 2-14 to the Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes lifts Chiefs to first Super Bowl in 50 years

Make sure and follow the Chiefs on their social media to keep up to date on everything KC Chiefs! Facebook and Instagram

Everyone at the bank is so excited for our KC Chiefs! Teddy is wearing his KC Chiefs gear everyday (pictures here), and all staff represent on Red Friday! Don't forget to check out more photos of cbkc super fans on our Instagram and Facebook pages! GO CHIEFS!

News & Events

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Kirk Proctor from United Way with welcome bags
A few weeks ago, the bank partnered with the Paseo Gateway Initiative and the Choice Neighborhood Initiative, the United Way, Brinshore Development and the NEKC Chamber of Commerce to deliver welcome bags to 26 families formerly housed at Chouteau Courts soon to be moving into their new home at one of the 5 newly built or remodeled housing units – Quinlan Place, Quinlan Row, Pendleton Arts Block, Pendleton Flats and Rosehill Townhomes. Read more about the Paseo Gateway project here.

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Getting Ahead

What Is a Good Amount for an Emergency Fund?
Understanding and determining how much money you should keep for disasters

Unexpected expenses can throw your life into turmoil — and if you don’t have the money to resolve the crisis, your life will become even more difficult. That’s why you need an emergency fund.

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Insurance Terms Defined: Premiums, Deductibles and Everything in Between
Defining important insurance terms

The world isn’t perfect and since bad things happen, insurance is an important safety net, helping to protect your home, auto and possessions. Knowing that you need insurance is a no-brainer, but learning all the complexities of insurance will take time.

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Tune Into These 4 Motivational Podcasts
Consider these shows to help improve your mood heading into the New Year

The start of a new year brings with it a slew of opportunities, including the chance to improve your overall mood and change your mindset for the better.

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How to Make Fruits and Veggies Stay Fresh Longer
Ways to lengthen the shelf life of produce

Save money, enjoy fresh food and reduce your household waste by using these six easy tips to keep your produce from spoiling.

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Business Banking

Should Personal and Small Business Banking Overlap?
Don’t Mix Personal and Small Business Finances

One of the most common mistakes small business owners make is failing to separate their personal and small business finances.

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