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Introducing our new logo

Central Bank of Kansas City’s new border-less logo celebrates 70 years of continued outreach, progress, and expansion. Since 1951, Central Bank of Kansas City has been breaking down barriers for our customers and community by delivering affordable financial services, products and education. We are committed to community development through financing high-impact, mission-focused projects in the Kansas City metro, and surrounding states.


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News & Events

You're Invited!!
October 20 from 12-2pm

Join us in celebrating 70 years with food trucks, games, and giveaways at:
2301 Independence Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64124.
This anniversary event is entirely free and will be fun for the whole family!

Getting Ahead

Managing Your Credit Score
Tips for boosting and protecting your score

Since your credit score is an indicator of your financial standing, it plays a large role in determining your eligibility for loans and favorable interest rates.

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Controlling Holiday Spending
Tips to keep your holiday spending under control

There are ways to enjoy the holidays and give to others (and to yourself) without exceeding your financial limits.

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How to Make Great TikTok Videos
Tips for creating viral videos on the popular social media platform

How do you go viral on TikTok? The answer is not exactly easy to answer, but here are some tips for making great videos for your followers.

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Ideas for Cutting Down on Screen Time
Focus your attention on what really matters

Do you often spend 30 minutes scrolling through social media when you only meant to spend five? If you’re ready to kick these bad habits, follow these simple tips for reducing your screen time.

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Business Banking

Hiring Seasonal Staff
Seasonal staff hiring tips

Seasonal or part-time hiring can help you and your employees navigate the increased workload of the holidays or other busy periods in your industry.

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