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5 Finance Lessons to Teach Your Kids Before College
Money lessons kids need to know before heading off to college

Being away from home is a tremendous responsibility for kids, especially when it comes to managing money. With the following tips, your college-bound kid will start school with a financial head-start.

Tips for Saving for Your New Car
Ideas for affording that hot ride you have always wanted

It’s a common situation: your current car is on its last leg and you have your heart set on a new model that will last longer, look better and have more features. Unfortunately, your bank account isn’t on your side and is limiting your options. …

How to Minimize Your Estate Taxes
Ways to reduce the amount you pay in death

The controversial federal estate tax, sometimes referred to as the death tax, applies an additional tax to those who die with an estate worth more than $5.49 million. While you may not qualify for that tax, fifteen states and the District of …

Determining How Much to Save Each Month
Save for the future month-by-month

Saving for the future is often overwhelmed by today’s bills and financial pressures. Yet, despite the challenges of setting money aside, it’s so important for your financial well-being to try and save a target amount each month.

Vehicles That Offer the Best Retained Value
The following vehicles manage to best combat the effects of depreciation

Spanning across several different segments and brands, here are just a handful of vehicles that offer the best retained value, according to experts at Kelley Blue Book.

When to Consider Switching Insurers
How do you know when it’s time to pull the plug on your insurance company?

When you run into problems with your insurance company, it can be a lengthy process to find a new one. Transferring everything is a hassle and you have to begin with a whole new company, but customers can often run into red flags that indicate the need for a reassessment. Here are some things to take into account if you’re thinking about pulling the plug on your current insurer.

Tricks to Encourage Better Reading Habits
Get in the habit of reading with these tips

Escaping into a good book is a mindful indulgence for your brain, heart and soul. Whether you prefer historical fiction, true stories, romantic novels, comedic escapades or features in the daily newspaper, reading strengthens your memory, challenges your thinking and, according to the experts at HealthFitnessRevolution.com, “expands your vocabulary, sharpens writing skills, hones critical and analytical skills, reduces stress and boosts concentration.”

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