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A Game Plan
Trust Department staff wearing KC Chiefs attire, cheering I begin this edition with an apology for my comparatively trivial sports-themed comments regarding much more serious wealth management matters, but the arrival of autumn also brings the start of football season. And the events of last season’s Kansas City Chiefs versus Buffalo Bills AFC divisional-round NFL playoff game are still so very fresh in my mind. I realize that by the time you read this, that game and the season are “old news,” but historically by most all accounts and stats, that game was one for the ages, no matter the viewers’ hometown, team allegiance, or even political affiliation.  For a little more than 58 minutes, each team demonstrated those defining characteristics exemplified over the course of an entire season which led to this particular worthy playoff match up: each well coached; each led by talented, young quarterbacks; each found ways to overcome injuries with “next-man-up” mentality and execution; each played relatively penalty-free and turn-over free; each relied on their strengths in an effort to expose their opponent’s possible weaknesses.  For more than 58 minutes, they battled back and forth, to and fro.  But it is the final 1 minute and 54 seconds of regulation (and an overtime) that made the game one for the ages.
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Planning Ahead
Should You and Your Spouse Retire at the Same Time?
As couples plan for retirement, timing is an important factor to discuss
If you and your spouse are nearing retirement age, it’s important to consider the timing. Should you both retire at the same time, or would it be better to stagger your retirements for financial reasons?
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Did you know?
Why You Shouldn’t Pay Cash for a New Car
The benefits of financing a car outweigh the benefits of buying with cash
If you’re shopping for a new car, you may be wondering if it makes sense to pay cash. But even if you have the money at hand to buy a car outright, there are still advantages to taking out a loan.
How Do Electronic Checks Work?
A simple explanation of how eChecks work and when they’re worth using
Digital banking can be confusing if you remember a time when the internet didn’t exist. Now, all your finances occur in the digital realm, and many of the terminologies used may sound similar.
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Business Brief
Benefits and Drawbacks to Selling Part of Your Business
What to consider before selling ownership
If you’ve considered selling a stake in your business, weighing the potential positives and negatives will help you make an informed choice.
Evergreen Bank Group
Is a Standing Desk Worth It?
Standing desks are all the rage, but is it the right choice for you?
If you’ve noticed more of your peers using standing desks, you may have had the thought that you might be missing out on the hot new thing.
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