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What is Collateral?
Explaining collateral and how you can use it to make your dreams a reality
Collateral is a way of protecting lenders that can also help you get better rates, but using it to secure a loan can spell trouble if you fail to repay.
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Planning Ahead
How to Save for Retirement Without a 401(k)
Alternate options for saving for retirement
If your employer doesn’t offer retirement benefits, the following options can help you retire comfortably.
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Did you know?
What Happens if You File Your Taxes Late?
Problems and penalties for filing taxes late
Most people know that you shouldn’t file your taxes late. But what happens if you do? What are the penalties?
Evergreen Bank Group
Business Brief
Financial Risk vs. Business Risk: What’s the Difference?
Understanding risk categories for your small business
Running a small business exposes you to a wide variety of risks, but understanding the ones you’re most likely to face can help you plan for the future.
Evergreen Bank Group
How to Get Started with Geocaching
What you need to know before you pick up an exciting new hobby
If you grew up daydreaming about being an adventurer and finding buried treasure, geocaching is a perfect summer pastime for the kid inside.
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