January 2019
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How to Avoid Germs in the Workplace
Increase your chances at staying healthy at work

The holiday season might be over, but cold and flu season certainly isn’t. You might notice bags around your coworkers’ eyes, series of sneezes, coughing tantrums that never cease and a stack of wadded-up tissues congesting their waste baskets. All you can hope for is that no one on your team comes to the office with the flu.

Regardless of the influx of sicknesses going around at work, you can fight back without hurting your sick coworkers. Here are some ways you can win the battle between wellness and illness and stay your healthy self at this time of year.

  • Hands off face: If you must touch your face, make sure your hands are clean first. Also, avoid biting your fingernails.
  • Get some fresh air: If your workplace isn’t well ventilated, you are probably breathing in air that is loaded with viruses and bacteria. If you work in a private room with a window, open it up, even if it's cold outside. If you are not near any windows, take a brief walk outside.
  • Wash your hands: If you use a restroom — public or private — wash your hands. If you are getting ready to eat a meal, scrub up with soap. A bottle of hand sanitizer with 60 percent alcohol is also a great ally to keep at your desk.
  • Live clean: Inform your coworkers about germs in the workplace, but don’t just teach cleanliness; model it. Tidy up your workspace, use disinfecting wipes and sneeze into your sleeve and not your hand. One example living out the definition for cleanliness goes a long way.
  • Work from home: Not every business offers work from home days, but if yours does, take advantage of it. Also, if you have vacation days and “the plague” is going around the office, now might be the best time to take some time off work for the sake of your health.
  • Get the flu shot: Perhaps the easiest way out of catching the plague is getting the flu shot. Talk to your doctor today to learn more about what options are available for you.

While you cannot control the germs of others, you can be your own superhero and save yourself the trouble of nursing yourself back to health and avoid germs in your workplace.

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