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Arundel Federal's 116th Anniversary
Celebrate our 116th Anniversary with us with a 13-month CD offer!

In honor of our 116th Anniversary, we're offering a special rate for our 13-month CD at 1.16% APY*

When Should You Use Your Debit Card for Purchases?
Situations when it’s best to use your debit card instead of charging on credit

Here’s a rundown of the most common situations in which you’ll want to grab your debit card when you reach for your wallet.

Which Is Better? Cash Back vs. Low APR Financing
Comparing financing options for the best deal on a new car

One of the best ways to save money while buying a new car is to take advantage of a special incentive.

What to Know Before Buying an Old Home
Things to consider before purchasing an old home

If you are considering buying an old home, consider the following issues before you sign the contract.

How to Save for Retirement Without a 401(k)
Alternate options for saving for retirement

If your employer doesn’t offer retirement benefits, the following options can help you retire comfortably.

4 Best Money-Transfer Apps
Transferring funds is easy with these user-friendly apps

The following apps allow you to send money digitally so you don’t have to stop at the ATM when surprise expenses (or splurges) happen.

Should You Use a VPN When Banking Online?
Are VPNs worth using to protect your online activities?

Should you use a VPN on a public internet connection, or even at home?

6 Books to Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride
Experience these thought-provoking and inspirational stories for Pride Month

If you’re putting together your summer reading list, Pride Month is the perfect time to check out the vast and varied world of LGBTQ+ literature.

Healthy Trail Mix Ingredients
Pack your trail mix with these healthy ingredients

If you want to make sure your trail mix is delicious and chock-full of healthy ingredients, incorporate the following into your favorite grab-and-go snack.

How to Get Started with Geocaching
What you need to know before you pick up an exciting new hobby

If you grew up daydreaming about being an adventurer and finding buried treasure, geocaching is a perfect summer pastime for the kid inside.

Best At-Home Workout Equipment
Skip the gym and get your fit on at home with these must-haves

You don’t have to find time to go to an expensive gym when you’ve got affordable and easy-to-use workout equipment at home.

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