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Monday, July 17, 2006 VOLUME 3 ISSUE 117  
Win the Rumina Award!
The Map is the Key
Staking Out a New Market Position
Ask Liz
Hail to the Chief
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Time of the Month - Milk Works by Liz Ryan
Ten Tips You Can Use NOW to Make Great Money This Summer by Michelle Anton
Teeing Up for Business: How Golf Can Get You in the Game by Pam Swensen
Do Ask, Do Tell - Language Lessons by Liz Ryan
Tech Workplace - How to Demolish the Berlin Wall Between Engineering, Marketing by Liz Ryan

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Win the Rumina Award!

We're proud to announce our panel of judges for WorldWIT’s National Breast Feeding at Work Week Rumina award. These judges will select companies who they feel best support nursing moms in the workplace based on the criteria listed in the nomination form. Read on for the list of judges and more information about applying for the Rumina award -- the deadline is Wednesday, July 19 at midnight.

The Map is the Key
Building a Business Map to Success
by Lorraine Ball

Some business owners drive their businesses with no map nor a clear set of directions. The result – they get lost, fail to meet their objectives, or fail completely. As a small business owner, you need a business plan! Without it, you are traveling blind. Read on for Lorraine Ball's practical advice on how to map out a business plan with a key for success.
Staking Out a New Market Position
Selling Skills for Non-salespeople
by Janet Ryan

A start-up executive wrote with a very real and not uncommon problem: what do you do when your offering is ahead of what the market even knows is possible? Smart entrepreneurs often identify problems their prospective clients haven’t yet articulated, or approach a solution from such a different angle that it’s hard to get the needed attention. It’s a positioning problem that we’ll take a look at over the next few weeks.

Ask Liz
I have a new job, but am looking at another opportunity internally. How do I proceed?

Dear Liz,
I have been in my job for two months and although I like working here, an opportunity has come up in another department. I have spoken to my boss about this and she has said I am not showing any professional courtesy by wishing to find other employment. Also, some co-workers have told me she has given bad references for people she doen't want to leave. Can you advise please?

Hail to the Chief
Pinch Me...Or Don't

My mother is in her early 60s and works as an insurance agent. For years she worked for one man, who would refuse her vacation time and who was very difficult to work for in many other ways. One afternoon, I had to stay at work for an emergency, and I called my mom and asked her if she could pick my 9 year old daughter up from after school care, which closed at six in the evening. I work ten miles from her school, and had to drive through city traffic to get to it. Mom was only about two miles away. My mother said to her boss, "I need to leave in order to pick up my granddaughter from school. Helen has an emergency and can't get there in time." His reply? "Well, okay this time, but next time tell your daughter your granddaughter will have to take a cab." Mom no longer works there, thank goodness.
-Helen, PhillyWIT

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Which Comes First? Me or Us?

A few weeks ago, we looked at a Slate article on the role and responsibility of women returning to the workforce after having children in regards to the feminist movement as a whole. In her recent Business Mom blog, Liz Ryan tackles this issue and the battle between individual interests and the interests of a larger community. Whose interests come first? Under what circumstances? At what price? Visit Liz's blog and weigh in on this issue, either relating to feminism or another 'me or us' topic on your mind.

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