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Monday, February 6, 2006 VOLUME 3 ISSUE 95  
Uncommon Sense
Getting to Know Them: Ask the Right Questions
Don't Have a Meltdown Over the Money
Review Your Customer Communications
Ask Liz
Hook Me Up With Another Job!
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Time of the Month- Listen, and speak by Liz Ryan
WorldWIT Speaks- I'm seeking ideas to help women in my organization grow by The WorldWIT Moderators
Ten Things Your Tax Professional Hasn't Told You by Eva Rosenberg
Back Up in 2006 - Advice For Working People by Liz Ryan
Spring Real Estate Outlook/Advice For Buyers and Sellers by Victoria Vinokur

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Uncommon Sense
Getting in shape for the new year
by Merril Miller

How many of us have started the year--perhaps each year--with some portion of our New Year's resolutions revolving around weight loss and exercise? We start off with wonderful intentions that too often fall flat. As a fitness class instructor, I expect to see class sizes swell in mid-January when new enrollments hit at my club, only to see those numbers begin to decline again as soon as mid-February. Why?
Getting to Know Them: Ask the Right Questions
Selling Skills for Non-Salespeople
by Janet Ryan

In my last column I wrote about the value of keeping and nurturing your prospects’ attention. I received a number of emails from readers who wondered what they can do to get the attention in the first place. While there are as many ways to answer that question as there are individual sellers and buyers, I can offer some general guidelines here.
Don't Have a Meltdown Over the Money
by Liz Ryan for BusinessWeek online

"Money makes people act so strangely. Even my kids, who are in elementary school, turn down the $5 bill I offer them for lunch, and insist on an "AJ" -- an Andrew Jackson $20 bill....Job seekers get weird about money, too. They'll invest three or four months in a job search that involves meeting recruiters at odd hours in inconvenient places and sharing their life histories and most treasured references with a potential employer -- only to walk away at the last minute over money. It's a shame to go so far down the road and then see the deal go south. Luckily, there are ways to forestall a last-minute hitch over money." Click here for some tips from Liz Ryan about how to find the pot of gold at the end of your job search.
Review Your Customer Communications
The Five Keys to Customer Experience, Part 2
by Jeannie Walters

As we uncover the keys to a great customer experience, we have to tackle customer communications: the letters, calls, and web interactions that paint the landscape of your company in your customers’ eyes.

Ask Liz
How do I get around the office discreetly?

Dear Liz,
I work in a huge office with vast rows of cubicles. The restrooms are located at the junction of two huge bullpens and in full view of everyone. I feel embarrassed when I need to visit the ladies room for time-of-the-month reasons, then go all the way back to my desk to get a tampon, and then carry my big purse into the ladies room. It would be nice for the company to provide those little items but they don't. Any ideas?
Hook Me Up With Another Job!
Pinch Me... or Don't!

I just started as the Product Manager with a company that seem to have a lot of promise. About six weeks into the job my boss, the COO, and I visited a client. On our way back while we were standing in the airport my boss asked me what I was going to get my 14 year old son for Christmas. I replied with a couple of ideas. He responded, "You should get him a hooker. No, better yet, two hookers!" Needless to say, I'm updating my resume.


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Featured WorldWIT Radio Guest Debra Fine

Debra Fine, a nationally recognized keynote speaker, trainer and author, developed The Fine Art of Small Talk to teach technically oriented professionals conversational skills and techniques. Throughout her WorldWIT Radio interview with Liz Ryan, Debra offers the WorldWIT audience strategies and techniques for both formal and informal networking.
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