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Monday, March 19, 2007 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 150  
The Rise of the BusinessMom
Are you struggling to find quality employees?
Ask Liz
Call Me...Mortified
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Dear WorldWIT members and Thinking Aloud readers,

We are always happy to fill you in on the latest news at WorldWIT - new chapters opening, great events taking place, and WorldWIT in the news talking about women's issues and work/life topics. Today, we have a more sobering message to share with our members. After seven years we are turning a corner and moving on to new endeavors. WorldWIT will be closing its doors on Friday, March 23; our last chapter digests will be published that day and this 150th issue of Thinking Aloud is the final issue.


The Rise of the BusinessMom
by Rachael Herrscher, TodaysMama

There seems to be an entrepreneurial boom among women in the world today – especially among mothers, who are giving rise to the term “mompreneur.” Rachael Herrscher, CEO of TodaysMama, reflects on her own journey as an entrepreneurial mother and offers key strategies for making it as a mompreneur.

Are you struggling to find quality employees?
Attracting and hiring better candidates has a bigger impact on your business than you might think. As a business owner or manager, you know better than anyone that recruitment can be a high-stakes, high-risk game. Here are the dangers of lax hiring procedures and how you can incorporate new measures, either internally or outsourced, to find quality candidates you'll want to keep.
Ask Liz
I want to start a family and a new career. Is this a pipedream?

Dear Liz,
I'm in my mid 30s and have been in the workforce for 12 years. I've held off on starting a family, but would like to do so. But, I'm also itching to leave the corporate chain and be my own boss. Is this a pipedream? What's your advice for someone like me wanting to make two major changes in my career and life at the same time?

Call Me...Mortified
Pinch Me...or Don't

I met a very interesting man at a networking event recently. I immediately recognized his name because we belong to a few of the same email lists and he is a frequent contributor. Somehow he managed to insert himself into a conversation I was having with a woman. She told me she did a lot of volunteer work, and I mentioned that I volunteer at a local art museum. The man asked me why I volunteer. I told him that I really like art and wanted to give a bit of my time to a great organization. The man then grabbed my arm, held up my hand, pointed to my ring finger (which was bare), and asked, “Are you sure you aren't volunteering to get one of these?” I later found out that at the end of the event, he asked the woman I was talking to for her card and said, “Maybe I can call you for coffee? Or sex?”
-Maureen, SilcWIT


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It's Not Too Late to Celebrate

WorldWIT joined ReadyTalk to observe the nearly 100-year-old holiday of International Women's Day (IWD) by hosting The Year of the Woman: Movers, Shakers and Policy Makers, a free web seminar series. Click here to access recordings of all three web seminars in the IWD series - A View From Above: Success in a Corporate Setting; Breaking the Bonds: The Freedom of Entrepreneurship; Shaping the Future: The Power of Public Policy - as well as all of the recorded web seminars in ReadyTalk's Web Seminar Series.

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A Talk with Tuck and Smith

Have you considered expanding your professional experience and attending a leadership program? Developers of the Smith-Tuck Global Leaders Program for women, a partnership between Smith College Executive Education for Women and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, talk about female-only executive education programs in the United States.

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