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Mairead Matula
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Happy New Year! 2015 is here (can you believe it?) and we’ve got a lot to be excited about. We’re kicking off the year with five NEW Wildtree products and our best catalog yet! That’s not all that’s new. This month we are also introducing two new series to the Wildtree YouTube channel. Along with Chef Matt’s Food Science: Fact? or Fiction! You can watch How to: Wildtree, and Simple. Healthy. Cooking. Quickly master a culinary skill or technique in this quick, 60-second segment, How to: Wildtree. Want to try out a new recipe? Tune into Simple. Healthy. Cooking. where Wildtree RD Sarah Hines walks you through a delicious recipe educating you about nutrition and simple, healthy changes you can make to improve some of your favorite dishes. 2015, we’ve got a good feeling about you!
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