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Vehicle Details: 2013 GMC Hybrids
Advancing the full-size hybrid

GMC makes some of the most capable and powerful vehicles on the market. Size and power are often gained at the price of fuel economy, but GMC is pioneering some of the most advanced hybrid drivetrains for full-size vehicles in the world.
GMC currently sells hybrid versions of the Sierra, Yukon and Yukon Denali. Each of these hybrids employs an advanced two-mode propulsion system that is capable of maximizing fuel economy across a range of conditions and uses. The first mode is designed for use at low speeds and in light load capacities. This mode allows the GMC hybrids to run on any combination of battery or gasoline power. On battery only, the vehicle can operate at speeds up to 25 mph. The secondary mode is used primarily at highway speeds, and uses advanced engine technologies like Active Fuel Management, which can shut down half an engine’s cylinders when full-power is not needed, to reduce excessive fuel use.
Every GMC hybrid features a 6.0-liter Vortec V8 engine with Active Fuel Management and Late Intake Valve Closing technology to increase efficiency. All GMC hybrids also feature an electric variable transmission.
The GMC Sierra Hybrid is one impressive piece of machinery. Unique GMC hybrid technology allows the Sierra to achieve EPA-estimated city mileage of 20 mpg and still maintain all the ability of a full-size pickup truck. Even more impressive is that GMC has managed package the 300-volt hybrid battery pack in the Sierra without negatively affecting cargo or passenger space inside. The Sierra also features a regenerative braking system to help recover energy created by braking and transform it to power the vehicle.
The Yukon and Yukon Denali hybrids are just as impressive as the Sierra. Space is one of the main reasons buyers choose an SUV, and as with the Sierra, GMC has designed both SUVs to accommodate their 300-volt nickel-metal hydride batteries without affecting interior cargo or passenger space. This was accomplished by mounting the battery between the steel frame rails under the second-row seats. The Yukon Hybrid’s impressive 20 mpg city makes it the most fuel efficient vehicle in its class.
GMC has excelled at combining hybrid efficiency with full-size space and power. Thanks to the GMC Sierra and Yukon Hybrids, buyers no longer have to choose between the power and space of a full-size truck or SUV and the environmentally friendly technology of a hybrid.
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