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Congratulations, Employees of the Month!
   Willie Myers and Terry Hatfield

This month's Employee of the Month award goes to Willie Myers! Willie's work behind the scenes here at the dealership acts as the grease that keeps the gears of our organization turning smoothly and efficiently. Willie traverses all over, and across, town carrying very important paperwork and documents for our accounting department, as well as other departments. He has a permanent sunny disposition and is a real pleasure to be around. Willie is ALWAYS asking his coworkers if they need his help and doing whatever he can for them. If you need something done right, Willie is the man you want to put on the job. For his unwavering work ethic, and his friendly demeanor, we are happy to present Mr. Willie Myers with our Employee of the Month award. Congratulations Willie! 



Faris Kadhim and Terry Hatfield


Our Fixed Operations Employee of the Month award goes to Faris Kadhim! Faris is one of our Porters and works to make sure our inventory is available, well organized, and clean for our customers to view. Faris has a very positive attitude and is well-liked by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone, any time, and in any way he can. He has a very strong work ethic and enjoys his work. Here at Wiesner, we have a very large inventory of vehicles and it is a very tough job to keep track of where they all are. Without Faris' help, our sales representatives would have a much more difficult time locating vehicles for their customers. For all of his hard work and dedication, we are proud to present Mr. Faris Kadhim with this month's Fixed Ops Employee of the Month award! Congratulations Faris!



   Thank you Willie and Faris for all the hard work!

We appreciate everything you do!



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