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Congratulations, Employees of the Month!
   Terry Hatfield and Tonia Sackman

This month's Employee of the Month award goes to Tonia Sackman! Tonia works in our accounting department and is responsible for the paperwork involved with getting titles for cars that we buy and sell. Needless to say, this is A LOT of paperwork and Tonia is always busy, all day, every day. However, she has a very happy and friendly demeanor and a can-do attitude. Her coworkers respect her and know that she will go out of her way to help them with any tasks however she can. For her hard work and dedication, and for her great attitude, it is our pleasure to present Tonia Sackman with this month's Employee of the Month award. Congratulations Tonia!








Terry Hatfield and Kristi Fulcher


Our Fixed Operations Employee of the Month award goes to Kristi Fulcher. Kristi works in our Commercial Truck Service department. She handles all of the paperwork involved with their day to day operations, as well as greets any of our customers who come in to drop off or pick up their commercial truck vehicles. She is a very positive person, and her attitude spreads to those around her. She is always helping out her coworkers and has a cheerful greeting for anyone she sees. She has an excellent eye for detail and allows other members of her department to focus on other issues. For her hard work and willingness to help others, we are proud to present Kristi Fulcher with this month's Fixed Ops Employee of the Month award. Congratulations Kristi!


   Thank you Tonia and Kristi for all the hard work!

We appreciate everything you do!



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