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May 2012
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Know Your Volvo: The SENSUS Power Button
With one button, you can turn on, turn off or just mute the system

Your Volvo car equipped with the SENSUS System is capable of integrating your Bluetooth mobile device with the audio system for hands-free access to all your device’s functions, directly from the car. The system features a power button that turns the system on and off. The button has two main features that you’ll find very helpful:

Turning the system on and off

The SENSUS system is primarily accessed through the power button. Pressing and holding the button is what turns the entire system on. If you press and hold the button to turn just the radio off, it will also turn off the Bluetooth integration, as well as the navigation system.

Muting the radio

If you’d like to mute the radio while still allowing the Bluetooth integration and the navigation system to operate, simply press the power button on the left quickly. This will mute the audio system and leave the other systems functioning. To unmute the audio system, press the power button quickly again and the audio system will continue to play.

We’ll be featuring other quick tips for operating your Volvo car’s functions in coming months.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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