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June 2012
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Enjoy Stockholm in Luxury
The Capital of Scandinavia offers unique lodging for the luxury traveler

Old world: Consider for a moment that Stockholm was founded no later than 1250, and perhaps as early as 1187. This gorgeous city, located on Sweden’s south-central east coast is comprised of 14 islands within the Stockholm Archipelago. Over the last few decades, Stockholm has become a major financial and information technology center in Northern Europe, but it’s also one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia. Over 30 percent of Stockholm’s entire area is water, and another 30 percent is made up of parks and green space, and you begin to understand why it’s earned the moniker “The Venice of the North.”
Luxury destinations abound in Sweden. We’ve found a few that were more unique than some of the others.
The Sala Silvermine is located about 75 miles from Stockholm, but it’s its elevation that makes it unique. It’s 500 feet underground in a mineshaft that at one point produced more than three tons of silver per year. Inside, you’ll find the “world’s deepest hotel room.” Up above, the Sala Silvermine features a hostel and some fairly traditional hotel rooms, but 500 feet below, a luxury mine suite awaits. When you arrive, you’ll embark on a guided tour all the way to your room, where you’re served a bottle of sparkling wine and basket of cheese, fruit and chocolate. At morning’s arrival, you’ll be served breakfast in your room.
Suggestions for staying include warm and comfortable clothing for your stay, as the ambient temperature of the mine is just 36 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, but the room itself is kept at a comfortable 64 degrees. Your cell phone won’t work, but there’s an intercom to connect you to hotel staff at ground level. Accommodations cost around $550 per night for two. For more information, visit
“Luxury camping” sounds like an oxymoron, but camping at the Island Lodge is an experience unlike any other. Opening in the spring every year, the Island Lodge aims to “pioneer a new genuine sustainable & exclusive outdoor experience with focus on Gastronomy, Scandinavian Design and Personal Service.”
The tented lodge is located on the island of Bergholmen, a normally uninhabited island with a forest and beaches that overlook the archipelago. Getting to the island requires a 40 minute boat transfer from the city of Stockholm, aboard a 35-foot trimaran accommodating up to 10 passengers.
The Island Lodge features seven amazingly designed tents, each of which feature two twin beds, six removable round windows and one large, removable bay window. The tents are sited on premium campsites, with incredible views of the archipelago. Inside, a wood stove keeps you warm, and kerosene lamps and candles provide warm light. Activities on the island include an island tour, sailing, fishing and sea-kayaking. The Island Lodge focuses on food with a high-quality, natural emphasis. Look forward to fresh, pickled or smoked seafood, including herring, crayfish and salmon, as well as elk and reindeer prepared by expert chefs.  For more information, visit
The Lady Hamilton Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the Old Town district in Stockholm. The hotel is named for Lord Nelson’s mistress Lady Emma Hamilton, and features a significantly feminine, romantic vibe throughout.
The hotel features 34 rooms, each named for a flower native to the region. According to, the hotel launched a new concept in 2007 called “Lady Rooms” that specifically catered to women traveling the region on their own. The single rooms feature a basket including a face mask, fresh fruit, chocolate and a comfortable bathrobe for your stay. For more information, visit

Stockholm is not only a business and financial center. It’s also a place to go to submerse yourself in luxury living. Stay at any one of these locations and experience them for yourself.


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