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Wednesday, September 14, 2011 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 3  
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Martial Artists' Firearms Training Camp
New DVD: Functional Fitness for Personal Defense
Martial Artists' Firearms Training Camp
This is the first course of its kind, designed specifically for Martial Artists interested in integrating firearms into their self-defense programs.

Rob Pincus is hosting the first ever Martial Artists’ Firearms Training Course in September of 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. The event is being hosted by Team Karate Center Columbus and will feature both classroom and live fire range sessions. This camp will feature a Three Day Weekend Fundamental Session and an optional Two Day additional Instructor Development Session. While everyone will spend time on the range and develop their own skill at arms, THIS IS NOT JUST A SHOOTING COURSE! Attendees of the first three days will learn about types of firearms, responsible firearms ownership, safe storage & use, fundamentals of defensive shooting, the context of typical defensive shooting and gain an understanding of how to inform their students and their school’s families about appropriate firearms choices. All participants will receive a certificate of completion for a Fundamentals of Combat Focus® Shooting Course as well as The Exclusive Martial Artists’ Firearms Seminar!


Attendees of the Instructor Development Session will spend an additional day on the range and an additional day in the classroom. These days will be aimed at achieving a Defensive Firearms Coaching Certification from I.C.E. Training Company. Participants will be exposed to more advanced drills, skill development techniques and presentations on how the body reacts naturally during a lethal fight, how they reactions can affect performance and how they affect what and how we should train. These sessions will also cover getting your students started as shooters safely and comfortably, a more thorough understanding of firearm operations, common shooter problems and “diagnosing misses”. TKCC’s Owner, Kelly Muir, a student of Combat Focus™ Shooting herself will speak about the integration of firearms into self-defense programs. She has seen the power of this system for new shooters through her inclusion of CFS Based Training in her Wrong Woman™ Self Defense Program. The final day of the course will include written and demo-teaching testing for the Coaches Certification. The goal of the 5 day program is to empower existing self-defense instructors with defense firearms knowledge, personal shooting and gun handling skills and the ability convey both to their students through a 4-6 hour introductory session that includes live fire range time and continuing blocks of firearms related training information that occur monthly within their curriculum. The follow on blocks will be guided by I.C.E. Training Program through continuing support for all certified Defensive Firearms Coaches and be intended to be conducted in 10-15 minute sessions without live firearms in the normal training setting. Continuing Education, potentially leading up to certification as a Combat Focus® Shooting Instructor will also be available to graduates of this course at discounted fees.


This inaugural event will take place in Columbus, OH.


No Previous Experience Required, All Firearms and Ammunition will be provided!


Follow These Links to REGISTER TODAY:


Martial Artists’ Firearms Training Course                      Sept 23-25, 2011                $500*     + Instructor Development Session                      Sept 26-27, 2011                $500*


* Discounts available to schools sending multiple instructors to these programs. If you have more than 8 instructors in your area, CFS, Inc. can also come directly to your school to provide this 3 or 5 Day package, rates will vary based on number of students and travel requirements.



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