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Thursday, July 3, 2008 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 5  
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Regional Representative Program
by Rob Pincus

Over the past year, three things have developed to the point where a Regional Represented Program is in the best interest of I.C.E., our associates and, most importantly, our students:
1. Interest in the Combat Focus Shooting program has grown dramatically.
2. I.C.E. and the staff instructors have been working hard to develop outside instructors who are thoroughly versed in the concepts and fundamentals of CFS as well as being capable instructors who are sincerely interested in sharing important information with their students.
3. Important relationships have been formed with companies and facilities that have hosted and promoted I.C.E. Courses and expressed commitments to do so in the future.
By establishing relationships with these certified instructors in the private sector and other training companies that are interested in teaching or hosting I.C.E. Courses, we will be better able to keep up with demand for training while ensuring the quality of the instruction given and continuing to offer a complete range of advanced tactical courses for both private and public sector students who have completed a Combat Focus Shooting courses or are interested in more comprehensive training packages.
These Regional Representatives will have very close ties with I.C.E., including regular communication and coordination with my staff and I about curriculum updates, new drills and opportunities to host advanced courses. The Regional Representatives will also be hosting I.C.E. Staff Instructors and I on a regular basis for a variety of courses and events.

Over the next few weeks you will see changes at the I.C.E. Website listing the Regional Representatives on a page separate from our affiliates page and telling you more about them. You will also see feature articles about some of the Regional Representatives and their staff right here in the Online Newsletter. In the next issue, for example, you will learn more about 360 Tactical Training, the company that spearheaded this opportunity by demonstrating their commitment to quality training and a progressive approach to business. Soon thereafter, you will see features on Viking Combatives, Blacksheep Training and several other companies from around the United States and Europe who will be offering I.C.E. courses and programs near you!
You can be assured that the any course your attend by any Certified Instructor in an I.C.E. Program from a Regional Representative will be well worth your time and effort.
Please show your support for these representatives and their commitment to bringing their clients and mine the most progressive tactical training available today.


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