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Greater Control, Insight and Speed with Tecnomatix 8

Greater Control, Insight and Speed Deliver Power Through Tighter Integration, Full Process Visibility and Enhanced Predictability with Latest Release of Tecnomatix.

Breaking new ground for assembly simulation and validation, Tecnomatix™ 8 is the latest release of UGS’ digital manufacturing solution that greatly improves predictability enabling manufacturers to develop optimized production strategies, incorporate manufacturability into product designs, and to better emulate manufacturing environments for “real-world” process planning in a virtual environment.

Greater Insight through full process visibility

Today’s global marketplace drives complexity which can derail the best product plans. These plans rely on visibility into a diverse collection of knowledge which can easily become distorted when coming from multiple sources. Tecnomatix 8 increases manufacturing insight enabling full process visibility to your enterprise lifecycle information.

Greater Control through tighter integration

With integration to a single source of knowledge, lean initiatives are more easily engineered, executed and measured so workflow processes from assembly design and planning to simulation and optimization are streamlined. Tecnomatix’ flagship simulation solution, Process Simulate, is now directly integrated to Teamcenter, the most widely accepted lifecycle data management solution with 3,000,000 seats deployed. This is a major step in tighter integration toward greater control of assembly manufacturing operations and provides our customers easier access to a single source of lifecycle knowledge.

Greater Speed through enhanced predictability

Complex products drive more complexity in production especially in automated environments. As the need for speed, flexibility and quality continue to increase, manufacturers need a way to achieve smoother and faster production ramp-up through better design and implementation planning of automated processes. Tecnomatix 8 delivers a new level of real-world emulation to the desktop with Process Simulate Robotics. Full line-level simulation with enterprise data connectivity enhances predictability and speed to accurately predict cycle times beyond single station robotic work cells and into the entire line, including all device behavior and signaling. This is a significant release for global manufacturers who desire visibility to enterprise data and insight into highly automated robotic production systems.

Operational excellence is not a choice anymore; it’s an imperative for success.

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