July 2011
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On Sale
Super summer savings available July 9–29, 2011!

Jumbo Bread Server for $15.00
$20.00 retail value. Save 25%.

Preserves and protects your bread. Keep bread loaves fresh on the counter and ready for table serving.

·         The container also stores other types of baked goods.

·         Keeps waffles, French toast and pancakes toaster-ready for quick breakfasts.


·         Holds up to the largest size bread loaf.

·         13 3/8 x 5 3/8 x 4¾"/34.1 x 13.8 x 12.1 cm.

·         Natural container with Azure seal.

·         Dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe.

Fridge Stackables
High Set with Grids for $27.50
$37.00 retail value. Save over 25%!

Pieces stack for modular fridge storage. Now there’s no need to search through the fridge for all the sandwich fixings—with this three-piece set, everything is in one place!

·         Extra-large capacity so families can buy items in bulk to save money.

·         Store cheese, cold cuts, sandwich fixings, leftovers and more in this exclusive set.

·         Compact and stackable set saves space, while the containers keep in freshness without hiding the contents.

·         Covers lock in freshness and also function as serving trays.

·         Bonus! Includes three condensation grids to lift contents off container bottoms. This helps prolong the flavor, texture and storage longevity of cold cuts or other foods.


·         Set of three.

·         Each is 10 x 6½ x 2½”/25.4 x 16.5 x 6.4 cm.

·         In Azure.

·         Dishwasher safe.

Half Fridge Stackables
Set for $15.00
$20.00 retail value. Save 25%!

Achieve more fridge storage in less space. Containers have a compact, modular design and stack together. Shape lets you push it back against a wall in a fridge corner so there’s plenty of room for other containers. Store cheese, cold cuts, sandwich fixings, leftovers and more.


·         Generous handles allow easy separation of trays.

·         Fresh fit covers ensure freshness and also function as serving trays.

·         Stacks alongside other Fridge Stackables™ and FridgeSmart® containers for a versatile storage system.

·         Set of two.

·         3¼ x 2 x 3 1/3”/8.3 x 5.1 x 8.5 cm.

·         In Cool Aqua and Brilliant Blue.

·         Dishwasher safe.

Square Pick-A-Deli
® Container for $12.50
$18.00 retail value. Save over 30%!


·         Lift-up strainer provides easy, no-mess access to pickles, olives and other condiments that you store in water—even carrot or celery sticks.

·         8½ cup/2 L.

·         In Tropical Water.

·         Dishwasher safe.

·         Note: See the Product Knowledge Book section of your Sales Force website for complete product information.

Accessory Organizer Set for $27.00
$40.00 retail value. Save over 30%!

Flexible to fit your needs. Here’s a complete, innovative organizational solution that, due to its unique design and construction, holds more than the compact size suggests!

·         These containers work together to store and transport a wide variety of items – from personal care items to home, business or school supplies.

·         The entire set is small enough to slip into a purse, briefcase or backpack.

·         Unique, flexible tops can expand to fit your needs.

·         Each container features a flexible, expandable top and a sturdy hinge clasp.


·         Set includes a Large Square Accessory Organizer and four Small Round Accessory Organizers.

·         Dishwasher safe.

·         In Fuchsia Kiss.

Back-to-School Rectangular Keeper for $15.00
$30.00 retail value. Save 50%!

Buy 1, Get 1 FREE on smart school supply storage! Here’s a tough case with an attitude—it holds pencils and so much more! It’s just the thing to keep supplies organized in a locker, backpack or lunch bag.

·         Most experts agree that an organized child is more productive and has a greater chance for achieving success. Help kids keep it all together this school year with this nifty organizer that can fit almost anywhere.

·         Hinged container with large clasp is easy to open and close.

·         The rounded sides and edges make it safe for children.


·         Receive two at this price.

·         5 cup/1.2 L.

·         In Hot Pepper.

·         Includes decorative sticker.*

·         Dishwasher safe

*Sticker and artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Cool Summer Savings
Offers available July 9–22, 2011
Summer Tumblers plus Tumbler and Seal Brushes Set
Ever wish you could bottle summer? You can with this set of six colorful, designer Summer Tumblers.

Plus.. This offer also includes a set of four brushes ideal for cleaning Tupperware® products or any hard-to-reach spaces. 

Or, Modular Mates® Oval Set
Start your Modular Mates® collection or add much-needed pieces. Oval containers are perfect for a narrow cabinet or pantry. Snugly store pasta, cereal, beans, oatmeal or other dry foods. Seal out pests, moisture, and air.  Choice of Brilliant Blue or Passion seals.


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