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EDITORIAL: 300 Million Americans

In this October editorial, Don Holecek writes about the 300 million milestone attained by the U.S. population this month and explains what some changing demographics might mean for the sustainability of Michigan tourism.  He reminds us that not everyone is a senior citizen.  He also refers to a recent article in SmartMoney magazine about "Tapping Hispanic Markets."

Mark Your Calendars!

Michigan Festivals and Events Association 14th Annual Convention
“Round Up!”
November 2-5, 2006
Acme, Michigan

Five County Regional Tourism Business Marketing Forum
Including Lake, Manistee, Mason, Newaygo and Oceana Counties
Naturally, Central West Michigan! – Charting Our Future
November 13, 2006
Ludington, Michigan

Driving Michigan’s Economic Engine

Using Culture and Tourism to Fuel Community Prosperity
Dept. of HAL/MCACA Annual Conference
December 7, 2006
Lansing, Michigan

Driving Tourism 2007

Michigan’s Lodging and Tourism Conference
March 26-27, 2007
Traverse City, Michigan
For more information, call 517-267-8989.

2006 Ballot Proposals

On November 7th, Michigan voters will head to the polls to decide the fate of five statewide ballot proposals.  To assist you in understanding the proposals, MSU Extension has published a bulletin describing the proposals and giving the official language, the background, and a policy discussion, including the differing viewpoints on each issue.  The 2006 Statewide Ballot Proposal bulletin provides background information and the status and content of each proposal, along with the names of the groups that support it.  To view the bulletin, click here.

"A Plan for the Industry, By the Industry"

PROGRESS UPDATE:  We are pleased by the enthusiasm and hard work of the“Big Eight” Issue Work Teams and by the growing dialogue around issues and concerns that have emerged.  Were there any doubts about the need for a plan of action when we initiated this process, a continuing stream of negative news about the challenges confronting Michigan’s tourism industry over the last few months has surely strengthened the need for a coordinated industry response.

We continue to move forward with our planning efforts and are on track to have the final plan available at the March 2007 Driving Tourism conference in Traverse City.  Between now and then, the Council will be fine-tuning the work they have already accomplished, and the central coordination team will be crafting the language that will be used in the final document.

From a funding standpoint, we continue to need and seek support to reach our goal and encourage all stakeholders in the industry to consider helping to support this important initiative.

As could be expected of a first time effort of this scale and complexity, it was not possible to anticipate and finesse all of the questions and issues that have surfaced.  Thus, it is important to share our responses to some of recent questions and issues to minimize their potential for impeding the planning process.  These new questions and their answers have been added to our FAQ list.  If you haven’t visited the project website www.tourismplan.msu.edu recently, please do so to review all of the FAQs.  At that website you also have the opportunity to submit your comments about the project and to see what others have said.

To view just the new FAQs...

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