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EDITORIAL: Confronting Reality

This month, Editor-in-Chief Don Holecek, takes a closer look at the state of Michigan's tourism industry and comes to the conclusion, "It is amply evident that all is not well with Michigan's travel and tourism industry.  In the past, when this industry has encountered downturns in business, we could assume that business conditions would improve in a year or two, and all that we needed to do was to 'ride out the storm.'  This time things may be different."

The Status of Michigan Tourism

On June 30, 2005, Don Holecek was invited by the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism to testify on the "Status and Potential of Michigan's Tourism Industry.  To view his presentation, be sure that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer and then click here.

TOURISM MATTERS: It Is Not Simply Camping!

MSU Extension Educator, Sally Carpenter, and her husband recently purchased a fifth wheel RV to practice retirement for three weeks.  Here she writes about how "camping" has changed since their days vacationing with children in a popup camper.

Project GO - Get Outdoors

Colleen Steinman of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources reports that on July 23, 2005 Michigan hopes to have the biggest outdoor recreation event in North America.  To find out how you can participate in Project GO - Get Outdoors...

Weather and Your Business
How does weather affect your business?  If you have daily data on sales, use, etc. for five or more recent years, we may be able to answer this often asked, but seldom answered, question.  If you operate a golf course or downhill ski facility, you are in luck since weíll work with you for free.  If you arenít in either of these sectors but have the longitudinal data required, you are still in luck, since, for a modest investment you can access data and analytical models that required nearly $2 million to develop.
Who's Been in the News?

This is the place to read about Michigan tourism industry people who have been in the news lately.  This month's list includes: Sandra Hill, James Epolito, Don Jakeway, Ken Hayward, Art Tebo, Laurie Stupak, and Richard Manoogian.

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Support Grows for Post Labor Day Schools

Steve Yencich, President of the Tourism Industry Coalition of Michigan (TICOM), is encouraging Michigan's tourism industry employees to pull together by expressing enthusiastic support of a new piece of legislation, House Bill 4803, that would mandate Michigan's schools to open after Labor Day weekend.  Passage of HB 4803 will provide millions of dollars in new tax revenues for cash-strapped state and local governments; will allow the second largest industry in the state to provide additional jobs at a time they are desperately needed; and will provide more time for family vacations during the warmest part of the summer, all the while allowing individual school districts to exert local control in how they comply with its provisions.  To find out how you can help...

Tourism Is Too Important to Let Languish

One June 22, 2005 the Petoskey News-Review ran a editorial, titled: "Tourism Is Too Important to Let Languish."  This article reiterates many of the messages that Michigan's tourism industry needs to be sharing with legislators in every corner of our state.  For example, did you know that tourism in Michigan contributes more than $2.4 billion, annually, in federal, state and local tax receipts?

Michigan's Wineries Are in Serious Jeopardy

On June 28, Michiganís House Regulatory Reform Committee voted 5-1 on House Bill 4959 that will shut down ALL direct shipping of wine in Michigan.  That is, to not just continue prohibiting shipments from out-of-state wineries, but to take the draconian step of prohibiting Michigan wineries from shipping to Michiganís adult consumers, a privilege that has worked successfully for thirty years.  A similar piece of legislation, Senate Bill 0600, will also be voted on in the near future.

Defining the Michigan Wine Experience

Linda Jones of the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council reports that research to identify and describe consumer perceptions of Michigan wines and the Michigan wine experience was recently completed.  To learn about the findings...

Interested in Farm Markets & Agri-tourism?

Michigan State University researchers are asking Michigan farm marketers and agri-tourism operators to respond to a survey soliciting their input into the creation of a membership organization to represent their interests and to enhance the direct marketing of Michigan plant industry products and services.  THE DEADLINE TO RESPOND TO THIS ON-LINE SURVEY IS FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2005.

Super North

Joe Breidenstein, of Northwest Lower Promotions, invites you and your community to help the world see more of what we Michiganders enjoy about our winter season, by developing events and attractions during the weekend prior to Super Bowl XL on February 5, 2006.  He's calling this initiative, Super North, and his idea is catching on across the state.

TEDC Releases Detroit Crime Study

A visitor has a significantly lower probability of becoming a crime victim in downtown Detroit than in the state of Michigan or in the entire United States, according to a new study released recently by the Tourism Economic Development Council (TEDC) and prepared by Wayne State University.

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