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March 2010
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New Mustang, More Horses
Ford reinvigorates the 2011 Mustang V6 with even more power.

One of the primary complaints among Mustang loyalists in recent years has been the vehicle’s perceived shortage of horsepower, particularly when compared to its robust competitors. Rest assured, Ford has heard you loud and clear: the 2011 Mustang is primed to reclaim its rightful place atop the muscle car pantheon by adding a lot more horses to its impressive V6 stable.


Sleek and sophisticated, menacing and muscular; however you choose to describe Ford’s new Mustang, there’s no questioning its iconic style and commanding presence. While paying dutiful homage to the legendary design elements of Mustangs past, Ford engineers have created a muscle car with undeniable modern appeal. From its iconic grille with high-intensity rounded headlamps, past its massive available 19-inch wheels and “hockey stick” side character lines, the newest Mustang is a beautiful amalgam of all things past and present, and is more aerodynamic this year than ever before.


But since its dramatic redesign, the Mustang’s unique style has never been in question. Instead, Mustang loyalists have felt that the pony’s base V6 engine has underperformed, particularly when compared to the rival Camaro. Among other crucial changes designed to springboard the Mustang back to its rightful place atop the segment, 2011 marks the introduction of an all-new, more powerful V6 powerplant that’s more impressive and shockingly more efficient than any preceding it.


Beneath the bulging power dome hood of Ford’s upcoming release is a new 3.7-liter DOHC Duratec V6, a marvel of modern engineering that not only generates greater power with less displacement than the outgoing model, but also does so with aluminum components and less cumbersome weight. Ford’s Duratec is so advanced, in fact, that it’s able to churn out an astounding 305 hp at 6,500 rpm and 280 lb/ft of torque at 4,250 rpm, compared to the 210 hp and 240 lb/ft of the previous motor. All things considered, Ford’s upcoming sports coupe now outperforms the vaunted Camaro.


In addition to the decreased weight of its ultra-strong aluminum components, the Mustang’s new V6 has been streamlined and enhanced for peak efficiency, utilizing some of the most advanced engine technology in existence. The high output stems from Ford’s incredibly advanced variable valve timing system, known as Ti-VCT, as well as its enhanced air intakes, new dual exhaust and low-friction construction. Control comes through a new six-speed automatic transmission (with grade assist), or a new short-shifting six-speed manual, both of which deliver exceptionally precise, responsive and exhilarating acceleration and gear transition.


Surprisingly, the Mustang’s new V6 isn’t just more powerful than its predecessor, it’s also substantially more efficient. Ford’s revolutionary design improvements and exceptional new powertrain options result in a thrilling V6 that still achieves a remarkable 30 highway mpg (also more than Chevy’s entry, and any other vehicle in the class). What’s more, the Mustang’s improved aluminum oil pan design allows for 10,000-mile intervals between oil changes, ensuring that the 2011 coupe’s engine is perhaps its most intelligent to date.


Control and comfort also see improvements for 2011. In place of the old hydraulic unit, the newest Mustang now sports an Electric Power Assist Steering system, which allows for crisper, tighter and more precise handling. Simultaneously, improvements to the vehicle’s balance, as well as an enhanced, sport-tuned suspension system (along with stiffer stabilizer bars, improved damping and a standard limited-slip differential), deliver smoother and more confident acceleration and cornering than years past. An improved exhaust system generates the Mustang’s high-flow output and throaty growl while the interior has been bolstered and soundproofed to ensure tremendous refinement and serenity.


In addition to the new and improved V6 model, 2011 will also mark the introduction of a significantly improved Mustang 5.0-liter V8, which utilizes much of the same advanced technology to generate a staggering 412 hp and 390 lb/ft of torque. Reconfigured tuning in the shocks and struts, along with the new Electric Power Assist Steering system and standard differential give Ford’s V8 unprecedented responsiveness and control.


Due to arrive this Spring, the new line of 2011 Mustangs is primed to deliver more of what drivers have always craved from Ford’s legendary muscle car. Consider the throne reclaimed.


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