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November 2009
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Ferrari Boutique 2009 50% OFF Holiday Special

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe AWD
LOW MILES – FLAWLESS CONDITION - STUNNING 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo with a 6 Speed Manual Transmission.

2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S Coupe
6 Speed Automatic Transmission with Paddle Shifters

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The NEW Auto Gallery Customer Care Center
The Auto Gallery Opens Lamborghini Boutique at Topanga Mall
Maranello’s most-powerful production V8 ever
Valuing Your Vision
Car Care: The Truth About Do-It-Yourself Oil Changes
Amsterdam – An Attractive City All Its Own
The 2010 Audi S4 Packs a Big Punch and Some Surprises
Here Comes the Sun
The 2010 Porsche Panamera Engineered as a Sportscar
The 2010 Audi A6 Is a Complete, Compelling Package
Porsche Introduces the 2010 911 GT3 RS
Awesome Animations Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!
The Drive Behind Our Expansion - Harry Gray
The Auto Gallery Collector’s Corner
Maserati likely to return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2010
2009 Porsche 911 2DR Cabriolet S
2008 Maserati Quattroporte 4dr Sdn Auto
2008 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Coupe
2010 Audi A5 Red Coupe
Ferrari Boutique 2009 50% OFF Holiday Special
2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe
2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S Coupe
2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe AWD
2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S Coupe
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The NEW Auto Gallery Customer Care Center
We Put Our Customers First

In the world of automotive sales there are many variables to consider for the prospective buyer such as availability, options, color financing and price. The car buying process can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Why can’t the car buying process be fun and hassle free? We believe it can!!
        While other dealers have cut back substantially and greatly reduced their inventory, we have invested heavily; implementing a total Customer Care Center to make your experience with The Auto Gallery 1st-class. During every step of the process, from your initial phone call to financial negotiations, through your ownership and repurchase with us, we at The Auto Gallery will be dedicated to providing you first-class service.
        We understand your time is valuable and we hope to streamline your car buying experience to make it as informative, efficient and satisfying as possible. Our new Customer Care Center will not only put you through to the right person, but attend to your needs right through to ownership. We have staffed our customer care center with highly trained and skilled individuals who specialize in phone, internet and customer service etiquette. Their mission is to provide excellent customer service and to help facilitate your car buying experience.
    We realize that price is a prime consideration for any buyer in today’s market. We also know that there are a number of variables such as trade-in value, accessory options, credit score, and a number of financing and leasing scenarios for you as a buyer to consider. This is why our Customer Care representatives will schedule a specific VIP appointment so that when you come in you meet with one of our sales managers. This way we can ensure you receive the first class service you deserve.
    The sales managers understand that your time is extremely valuable. Keeping that in mind they will work with you to choreograph your experience to fit your personalized needs, possibly even offering you options that you might not have considered such as vehicle selection and financing options. You may come in to see the new Porsche Panamera and be pleasantly surprised that a low mileage Maserati Quattroporte is more to your liking and better fits your budget. You may have a pre-owned Porsche 911 in mind until we work our magic and show you how leasing a brand new Targa is just as affordable.
    We strive to be your first choice today and for all your future automotive purchases. We know that if we treat you right, give you a great deal and make you feel comfortable throughout your car buying experience, we have established a trusting bond that can last many years whether you choose a Porsche, Audi, Maserati or Ferrari from The Auto Gallery. Give us a call at 818.575.6309 to see how satisfying The Auto Gallery Experience can be.

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