September 2013
Corporate Responsibility Snapshot
Moving Corporate Responsibility Forward at Symantec
With the publication of Symantec’s FY13 Corporate Responsibility Report, we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, the collaboration that made it possible, and the road ahead. We have many reasons to be positive about where the company is today and what's ahead, but recognize we have areas needing continued focus, as well.
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Our People: Building a Foundation for a Rewarding Professional Experience
Our value and position in the marketplace are direct reflections of our talented and creative people. We also understand that maintaining a cohesive, delighted, and engaged workforce is critical to achieving our objectives. Bettina Koblick, Sr. VP and Chief HR Officer, discusses progress made against FY13's employee engagement, diversity, and professional development goals, and how Symantec is continuing to build a solid foundation that offers a rewarding and responsive work environment.
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Your Information: Creating a Safer, More Secure Online Experience
Symantec is uniquely qualified to help make the world a safer place, and we consider the security and privacy of customers’ information central to our business and corporate responsibility. Over the past year, we continued to develop innovative security solutions to help ensure our workforce and the public are better informed about key privacy and security issues. Francis deSouza, President Products and Services, discusses the company's commitments to protecting our customers' information.
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The World: Improving our Environmental and Social Impacts
As a company with a significant global presence, we recognize that we have great responsibility to the people and places with whom we interact. Stephen Gillett, Symantec Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer, discusses our continued progress on environmental stewardship, supply chain integrity, and community investment.
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