June 2013
Corporate Responsibility Snapshot
Transforming The Employee Experience
We recently sat down with David Belle-Isle, Symantec Sr. VP, Organizational Excellence, to discuss his vision of employee engagement, how it supports the company’s performance for all stakeholders, and why corporate responsibility is intimately related to these commitments.

What is the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and how does it support the Symantec 4.0 vision?

Symantec 4.0 is what we're calling the transformation of our company, and we're guided by True North mindset. We have three key sets of stakeholders—employees, customers and partners, and shareholders—and True North means being clear about the experience we’re promising each of them in both the short and long term. This True North compass is critical to success. Our Employee Value Proposition solves for being a great place to work and a high-performing organization that in turn delivers for customers, partners, and shareholders.
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Protecting Your Information - It's A Partnership
Information security and data protection is Symantec’s core business strength. But developing and deploying technology products can only address part of the problem. To be fully protected, enterprises and individuals must make behavior changes and institute sound online safety practices. Symantec sees this – in addition to product development – as part of its corporate responsibility.

To meet this responsibility, we must excel on three levels: developing excellent products that protect and manage your information; partnering with nonprofit organizations and think tanks around the globe; and demonstrating thought leadership so that we can influence public policy on a national and international level.
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Gender Equality In Practice
Symantec has joined the Gender Equality Challenge, a project of the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women. This challenge encourages participants to begin exploring what real change in terms of gender equality could like look within corporations. Participants are asked to identify and implement a model practice, and commit to sharing it with other Bay Area companies.
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Reducing Our Footprint ... One Step At A Time
As part of our commitment to becoming an ever more responsible and sustainable organization, Symantec has set a number of ambitious goals for the coming years. Since climate change is one of the corporate responsibility issues material to our business, here we share our progress on goals related to reducing our environmental impacts.
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