April 2012
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Supply Chain Issues Take Center Stage
More and more, companies are being held responsible for the actions - or inaction - of their suppliers on a wide range of issues, from greenhouse-gas emissions to child and forced labor in manufacturing plants and on farms. Similarly, a broad cross-section of stakeholder groups, from governments to NGOs to investors, seeks information on how companies are tracking and measuring performance on these issues.
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California Supply Chain Transparency Act
On January 1, 2012, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 became effective, requiring retail sellers and manufacturers with annual worldwide gross receipts over $100 Million doing business in the state of California to publicly disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains.
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Statement Of Disclosure: Human Trafficking And Slavery
Symantec's statement of disclosure, in compliance with the California Supply Chain Transparency Act, articulates the company's policies and procedures around identifying and preventing human trafficking and slavery in the supply chain.
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Managing Our Supply Chain Issues
As a software company, Symantec has a relatively small manufacturing supply chain. Therefore, our approach to supply chain management is to look carefully across our entire supply chain - not just manufacturing - when considering the impact on our company, customers, and other stakeholders. 
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What Do You Think?
If you discovered that XBrand, whose products you use everyday, has suppliers who were found to have violated the rights of their employees, what action would you take?
  • Join a social media campaign to pressure them to change their supply chain practices, but continue to use XBrand's products
  • Immediately stop using the products made by XBrand
  • Continue to use XBrand's products but feel guilty for doing so
  • Continue to use XBrand's products; if I stopped using every product that was tainted by human rights abuses, I'd buy nothing.
  • Other
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Last quarter, we asked you about which suggestions for improving our corporate responsibility reporting were most important. Read on for the results.
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“We are providing our customers with streamlined packaging options and are working with our suppliers to find interesting ways to address the need for smaller, more sustainable packaging. We are able to track and report to them the benefits not only in terms of environmental metrics such as energy, greenhouse-gas emissions, and materials use, but also the associated cost savings.”
- John McGoun, Symantec's Senior Director of Procurement and Sourcing
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