November 2011
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Thank You For Helping The Rainforest Alliance!
In October, as part of Symantec’s ongoing effort to improve the company’s corporate responsibility performance and communications, we launched a stakeholder survey designed to collect feedback on our 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report. As a thank you to those participating, we committed to donate $100 USD for every survey completed, up to $25,000 USD. Donations were directed to the Rainforest Alliance in support of sustainable forestry initiatives.
Thanks to you and your enthusiastic reponse, we met the $25,000 mark! Thank you for your feedback, and for your support of this important initiative.
Results from that survey are featured in this edition of the Corporate Responsibility Snapshot. We also share detailed feedback from representatives of several key stakeholder groups.
We invite stakeholders of all kinds—whether corporate or individual customers, employees, NGOs, government representatives, suppliers, or the media—to let us know what’s important to you, whether Symantec is addressing those issues, and how you would like to see us improve our performance. Please contact us at

Stakeholder Survey Results
Following the publication of our 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report, Symantec surveyed approximately 20,000 internal and external stakeholders to understand their perspectives on our corporate responsibility communications and performance. Read on for highlights from the survey responses.
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Stakeholder Perspective: Demonstrate How Corporate Responsibility Supports Business Strategy

Overall, the 2011 report is an impressive continuation of Symantec’s history of documenting and sharing information concerning its corporate responsibility performance with its stakeholders. Of note is its sharing of the materiality analysis, what it is, how it is conducted, though it seems less detailed than in previous reports, and it would have been useful for the matrix to be included in the report itself rather than only on the website.
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Stakeholder Perspective: Transparent Discussion Of Gender Diversity Challenges

Overall, the report is structured well, tells a good story, and provides enough information without overwhelming the reader. And it is interesting that the board exercises oversight of Symantec’s corporate responsibility effort. In its next report, Symantec should communicate how the board is influencing Symantec’s corporate responsibility strategy and overall effort; what type of feedback the board is giving; what, if any, questions the board is asking, and what areas the board is most involved in.
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Stakeholder Perspective: A Good Balance Of Quantitative And Narrative Data

Overall, Symantec has produced a very good report. The expected elements of good reporting practice are largely present: the discussion of materiality, performance on material issues, and objectives and goals for the coming years. The report discusses some challenges—for example, the difficulty of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions as it grows its data-center business—in a straightforward and honest manner. Though highlighting challenges is, for any company, a challenge in itself, Symantec should consider expanding this kind of discussion to each section of the report and communicate to stakeholders how it is addressing them.
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Stakeholder Perspective: Include More Stakeholder Voices, Especially Employees

Overall, the 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report represents significant progress from Symantec’s beginning effort to communicate its efforts ... The most significant gap comes in the area of community engagement. While the company’s philanthropic goals are in line with its business priorities, Symantec could significantly improve its reporting in this area by communicating key performance indicators and setting quantifiable goals around impacts and outcomes.
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Stakeholder Perspective: Consider Environmental Responsibilities From An Ethical Perspective

Climate and energy are material issues for Symantec given the energy consumption and rapid growth of information technology. The report strikes the right tone with regard to these issues, and Symantec does a good job of covering the business case for climate responsibility. However, given the threat that climate change poses to humanity’s future prosperity and security, Symantec could go beyond the business case and consider its responsibilities from an ethical perspective, for example in the areas of communications and public policy.
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Stakeholder Perspective: Toward The Top End Of The Reporting Bell Curve

The United Nations Global Compact has more than 6,000 participants, all at different stages of the sustainability journey. In terms of reporting, Symantec is toward the top end of the bell curve ... Symantec could improve its reporting on its effort to address human rights issues by providing greater specificity around its systems and future goals regarding these issues.
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Stakeholder Perspective: Information Security Is Our Bread And Butter

This was a great opportunity to read and think about the report, as not many employees have the time to read the report in its entirety ... On the whole, the report met expectations; the discussions of customer satisfaction and human rights in particular were very good. Symantec could, however, make several improvements to the upcoming report.
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Survey: What Do You Think?
Of all the suggestions for improving our corporate responsibility report, which is the most important to you? 
  • Tie corporate responsibility goals to the company's business strategy
  • Provide more information about health and safety
  • Highlight challenges and communicate how they are being addressed
  • Define longer-term goals for achieving gender diversity
  • Engage more deeply in shaping public policy around energy
  • Provide greater specificity on how Symantec is addressing human rights
  • Establish quantifiable goals regarding community engagement
  • Other
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Last quarter, we asked if you planned to read Symantec's Corporate Responsibility Report. 
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“Mainstream investors are becoming more concerned with the social dimension and are looking at the systems companies have in place to manage risks and opportunities. They tend to see sustainability management as an important proxy for overall management quality.”
Ursula Wynhoven
General Counsel
United Nations Global Compact

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