May 2011
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Preventing Corruption: A Business Imperative and Opportunity
Symantec’s commitment to being an ethical and responsible company includes vigilance in identifying and avoiding all forms of corruption in its operations and dealings with our sales channel, customers, partners and suppliers. In this edition of the Symantec Corporate Responsibility Snapshot, we explore some of the forms that corruption can take and how to recognize and avoid it.

A Case Study: Is this Bribery?
You work in Sales in the foreign country of Fauxnation. Anna, the president of one of your resellers, has approached you and said that she has a strategy for doubling sales before the end of the quarter. But is her plan ethical?

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What is Corruption?
According to the United Nations Global Compact, “Corruption can take many forms that vary in degree, from the minor use of influence to institutionalized bribery ..." 

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The Global Compact: LEADing The Fight Against Corruption
Through its LEAD platform, the United Nations Global Compact is challenging companies to implement its Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership. The Blueprint addresses all ten Global Compact principles, including the tenth principle, which deals with prevention of corruption. 

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What Do You Do?
How often do you pick up the check when you invite current or prospective customers to lunch?
  • More times than I can count
  • Always, but I don't bill customers for the lunch or my time.
  • I always try, but the prospective customer never lets me.
  • Never. Our company has a strict policy against offering anything of value to a customer or a prospective customer.
  • Never. It's not in my budget.
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Last quarter, we asked who you thought held responsibility for achieving the United Nations Millenium Development Goals. Read on for the results and reader comments.

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“At Symantec, our decisions and behaviors are guided by our four core values of innovation, action, customer driven, and trust. In every interaction with each other and with our customers, partners, suppliers, and shareholders we demonstrate our commitment to operating in accordance with the highest standards of ethical behavior.”
- Enrique Salem
President and Chief Executive Officer
Symantec Corporation

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