October 2010
| Quarterly Newsletter
Introducing Symantec's 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report
By Enrique Salem, President & CEO
To our stakeholders,
I am pleased to announce the release of Symantec’s second corporate responsibility report. This report shares our progress and continuing work to advance Symantec’s environmental, social, and governance performance.
We have focused specifically on topics that our stakeholders—and Symantec itself—consider high priorities: information security, customer satisfaction, climate change, human rights, diversity and inclusion, and talent retention. These are the issues we need to deliver on to be competitive and thrive in markets around the world.

Our material issues
At Symantec, we define corporate responsibility as the way in which we operate - with full attention to and respect for ethics, the environment, and a commitment to positive social impact. Below, we outline selected accomplishments in the areas we identified as most important to our internal and external stakeholders.
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* Climate and energy
Symantec is taking action on a number of fronts to reduce its carbon footprint and help customers do the same.
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* Customer satisfaction
Our ability to succeed as a business depends on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
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* Securing information
Symantec is deeply committed to stopping cybercrime and raising public awareness of the steps every person, family, and organization can take to stay safe online.
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* Talent retention
Symantec employees are the company's most valuable resource, and we work hard to develop, mentor, and advance our talent.
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* Diversity and inclusion
Our ability to attract, retain, and fully engage diverse talent leads to enhanced innovation and creativity in our products and services. As such, we believe that a continuing commitment to inclusive hiring and promotion practices is a business imperative.
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* Human rights
Symantec is committed to respecting human rights around the globe.
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Last quarter, we asked you about your personal volunteering.

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Statement from External Advisory Council
With its second corporate responsibility report, Symantec further demonstrates its commitment to openness. As members of the external advisory council, we believe Symantec has produced a credible and comprehensive corporate responsibility report. Read more.
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