March 2010
| Quarterly Newsletter
This quarter's focus: engaging stakeholders through social media
Social media has become a key component of our ever-more connected world. Individuals and, more and more, companies are using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; blogs; and rating and sharing tools such as digg and delicious - through computers and mobile applications - to connect with people, position themselves in the marketplace, learn from others, and build their brands.

Social media presents both opportunities and risks to companies who engage in marketing and customer service via social networks and to individuals using social networks. For companies, the challenge is to give up a certain amount of control over the message and be open to receiving criticism. That openness, in turn, presents an opportunity to learn and also to respond to stakeholder concerns and needs. This is the very heart of corporate responsibility at Symantec - understanding and addressing stakeholder needs.

We want to hear your social media stories and ideas for how Symantec can use social media to reach customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. Please join our conversation on JustMeans.

Symantec is looking for a few good nonprofits ...
Symantec is soliciting proposals for nonprofit projects focused on fighting cybercrime in the cities of Portland, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.
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Social media: quick facts
Did you know that 80 percent of companies use LinkedIn as their primary means of finding employees? Read on for more fascinating facts.
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Symantec launches Corporate Responsibility blog
As part of its effort to expand outreach to stakeholders, Symantec has launched its corporate responsibility blog. Cecily Joseph, Symantec’s Director of Corporate Responsibility, will be joined by guest bloggers both internal and external to Symantec to cover a broad range of corporate responsibility issues. Here’s a preview of her first post:

Developing and integrating a strategic corporate responsibility/sustainability program continues to be a goal here at Symantec. We realize that it is indeed a journey and that all of the pieces are not going to fall into place quickly and easily. We also realize that we are always learning about the issues and opportunities presented. Engaging with our stakeholders is a primary tenet of our developing program. Read more.

Just Means: a portal to the global CR community
Symantec has launched a corporate presence on JustMeans - visit us there and join the conversation!
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Did you know?
A recent search on Twitter for “Symantec” turned up 118 tweets - in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Russian.
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What did you do?
Last week, how much time do you spend on ...

· Facebook 
· LinkedIn
· Twitter
· MySpace
· Other                    

Click here to vote!

Last quarter, we asked you to think about your email security habits:

The last time I received a suspicious email message requesting my personal information, I:

· deleted it (75%)
· reported it to the organization from which it purportedly came (6.6%)
· clicked on the link contained in the email message (.5%)
· forwarded it to people I don’t like very much (.8%)
· I have never received such a message (10.9%)
· Other (6.3%)

Social media in the news
This collection of recent news articles and blogs illustrates the growing importance social media is playing in today's world.
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