November 2009
| Quarterly Newsletter
This quarter's focus: online safety
The Internet is a world of possibility, allowing users to communicate, share ideas, and conduct business virtually. That possibility is limited, however, if we don’t secure the Internet and ensure that everyone can participate safely. Cybercrimes such as cyberbullying, digital plagiarism, and illegal downloading of content all threaten our collective online safety.

Part of Symantec’s corporate responsibility is to educate consumers and businesses about online safety risks and the various steps they can take against cybercrime. That’s why we continue to engage these stakeholders through our regional Internet safety advocates, nonprofit partners, and research and advocacy efforts. To learn more about Symantec’s online safety programs and initiatives, please read on.

Meet Symantec's Internet Safety Advocates

Symantec’s Internet Safety Advocates help to inform the public about Internet safety issues and provide input to government, educational, and advocacy groups. Three of Symantec’s Internet Safety Advocates—Laurent Heslault (representing Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Effendy Ibrahim (Asia Pacific and Japan), and Marian Merritt (United States) — recently discussed their roles and the challenges we all face regarding online safety.

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Partner spotlight: Common Sense Media
Symantec is committed to helping parents keep their kids safe online. We believe that in the same way that we educate our children about the risks of drugs, smoking, or violence, it is critical that we educate them about the importance of safe computing. To do this, Symantec partners with nonprofit organziations around the globe to provide education, resources, and assistance to parents, teachers, and children themselves. Read on to learn about one of these partners: Common Sense Media.
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Black market exposed through traveling exhibit
How much is your identity worth? Symantec's new Black Market exhibit can tell you - and show you how cybercriminals buy and sell your personal information.
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US consumers and small businesses lack adequate cybersecurity measures
A pair of recent surveys conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec suggest that both American consumers and small business need to take action to protect their information and ensure their security online.
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What did you do?
The last time I received a suspicious email message requesting my personal information, I:

• deleted it
• reported it to the organization from which it purportedly came
• clicked on the link contained in the email message
• forwarded it to people I don’t like very much
• I have never received such a message

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Last quarter we asked: the last time I heard someone make a disparaging comment about another's race, gender, sexuality, appearance, disability, or behavior, I ... read on for the results!

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