October 2010
| Quarterly Newsletter
* Human rights
Symantec is committed to respecting human rights around the globe. This commitment is expressed in both our Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy.
Freedom of Expression
As a company operating in the information communications and technology (ICT) space, we must consider all the ways our software and services are used. To the degree that there is a potential for misuse of our technologies, our responsibility is to be aware of and advocate against these abuses, and to the degree possible, implement safeguards to prevent them.
Over the past year, Symantec began a process of due diligence to better understand its risk in this area. For example, we:
  • Formed an internal committee to evaluate stakeholder expectations, industry norms, existing organizations and initiatives, and Symantec’s relative position on these complex issues.
  • Set a goal to issue a corporate-wide policy on privacy and freedom of expression in FY11.
Responsible Sourcing
Symantec promotes responsible operations in both our own facilities and operations and throughout our supply chain. In FY10, Symantec completed an in-depth review of its existing supply chain management practices and initiated a series of internal and external discussions to determine the best way forward. We intend to adopt a supply chain code of conduct in FY11.

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