September 29, 2009
Global Green Team
Symantec releases new environmental policy statement

Symantec is often asked for our environmental policy statement. Although we have published a lot of details regarding our programs and progress to date we haven't had a formal company policy until now.  Please find it here and feel free to use and refer to it. The policy is posted on the Environment & Green IT page of Symantec's Corporate Responsibility website.

Environmental Policy Statement
Symantec seeks to conduct its business in an environmentally responsible manner. As a leader in the IT industry, Symantec strives to use technology as a tool for energy conservation and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

We consider compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations to be the baseline for our performance, and we continually look for innovative ways to decrease our energy, water, and materials use.

Symantec's environmental strategy features four key components:

Green IT: Includes practices to minimize energy use and optimize performance in our clients' and our own data centers and beyond.

Resource conservation: Symantec aims to conserve energy and materials and minimize waste at each of our locations. In May 2008, we adopted a goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 percent by the end of FY12, using FY08 as our baseline year. We will measure performance against this goal by pounds of CO2 emitted per square foot.

Responsible software packaging: We integrate the concept of reduce/reuse/recycle into packaging design and manufacture, and deliver the majority of our software products electronically in order to conserve materials and energy.

Transportation alternatives: Symantec works to reduce employee commuting and business travel to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Facilities Management is dedicated to minimizing the impact Symantec's sites, buildings, and workspaces have on the environment. Symantec is utilizing the LEED certification developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for existing buildings and for new construction building standards.

Employees are critical to helping the company achieve its environmental objectives. Employee-led Green Teams are raising awareness at our sites around the world. Symantec's Environmental Stewardship Council, a cross-functional team of global managers and employees, has oversight of the company's environmental initiatives. Symantec's Board of Directors, Nominating and Governance Committee, have responsibility for oversight of the company's corporate responsibility effort which includes the Environmental Policy.

Every Symantec employee and contractor is expected to familiarize themselves with this policy and work to support Symantec's environmental objectives. Any environmental concerns should be reported to

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