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Tuesday, August 24, 2004 Issue 25   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 25  
Client Service
Mark Your Calendar!
Competitive Intelligence
Digital Addiction
Strategies for “Feature” Writing
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March 16, 2004
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December 8, 2003
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Featured Articles
Client Service
The Creature That Came to Stay
by Felice Wagner

You’d think that some of the talk about client service would have sunk in after twenty years. You’d think the trend lines since the DuPont convergence – when that corporation fired hundreds of law firms – would have forced lawyers into compliance. Nontheless, measures of client satisfaction seem to go down every year.
Competitive Intelligence
The New Frontier in Legal Marketing
by David Goehl

For firms, the message from clients like FMC Technologies is loud and clear: change the way you market and deliver legal services, or risk losing business to more cutting edge firms. Marketing departments at leading law firms are listening.
Digital Addiction
It’s Time to Just Say No—to PowerPoint
by Sean Carter

A recovering addict shares his journey from emotional dependency on PowerPoint for presentations. You too can kick the habit.
Strategies for “Feature” Writing
by Nat Slavin

The simple key to getting press coverage is to know your audience - not the audience who will be ultimately reading the article, but the editors who determine what their readers should be reading.
Mark Your Calendar!

Felice Wagner, CEO of Sugarcrest Development Group, and Amy Staley, National Director of Marketing for Nixon Peabody LLP, will present a program on "Implementing Client Teams" at the annual meeting of TerraLex on October 7, 2004. TerraLex is an international association of independent law firms with over 12,000 lawyers in 100 countries.

LMA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Events

September 8, 2004: Best Practices Breakout - Competitive Intelligence and Trends in Law Firm Marketing. More...

October 8 and 29, 2004: Using Business and Financial Information to Find New Opportunities for Your Firm. More...
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