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Friday, April 19, 2002 Alternative Fees   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 14  
Sugarcrest Launches Alternative Fee Reality Check
Common Alternative Billing Methods and When to Use Them
The 15 Elements of Alternative Fee Success
10 Ways to Capitalize on Your Alternative Fee Success
Looking Beyond the Billable Hour
Networking Workshop Follow-up
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Featured Articles
Common Alternative Billing Methods and When to Use Them
by David Goehl

Increasingly, clients want to pay for results, not time. They want predictable costs, not surprises. And in the event of a poor result or cost overrun, they want their lawyers to share at least some of burden. Too much to ask? Perhaps. But when the time and circumstances are right, many law firms are satisfying these client needs by replacing the billable hour with one or more of the following alternatives:
The 15 Elements of Alternative Fee Success
by Felice Wagner

Is there a secret to making alternative fee arrangements work? Most firms that have had success share several of the following 15 characteristics:
10 Ways to Capitalize on Your Alternative Fee Success
by Felice Wagner

Learning how and when to use creative fee arrangements is only half the battle. Capitalizing on your success is the other half. Here are 10 ways to make the most of a good situation:
Looking Beyond the Billable Hour
Delivering Added Value Through Alliances and Ancillary Products/Services
by Susan Jacobsen

Creative billing isnít the only way to deliver added value to clients and grow revenues. Many firms are beginning to offer a host of ancillary products and services as well. In this article, Crowell & Moringís Susan Jacobsen discusses areas that are ripe for development.
Networking Workshop Follow-up

Thanks to all who attended the Secrets of Successful Networking workshop sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association and the DC Bar Association Young Lawyers Section. As discussed, we encourage you to take our Networking Reality Check. The 55 questions and the report that follows help guide you through every encounter as you build a valuable network of prospective clients and referral sources.

Sugarcrest Launches Alternative Fee Reality Check

Sugarcrest is proud to announce the online beta test release of the Alternative Fee Reality Check--an interactive tool designed to help lawyers assess their alternative fee IQ and learn how they can use creative billing methods to boost firm revenue and deliver added value to clients. To test your alternative fee IQ and tell us how we can improve the Reality Check, click here.


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