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Tuesday, January 15, 2002 Issue 11   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 11  
Start the New Year With a New Plan
Top Legal Technology Trends for 2002
Branding With Specificity
Getting in Under Corporate Counsel Radar
Test Your Networking IQ
Wagner to Discuss Personal Business Planning
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February 20, 2002
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Featured Articles
Start the New Year With a New Plan
by Felice Wagner

In 2002 and beyond, your professional success and personal happiness will depend on your ability to avoid the distractions and focus on what matters most. As we turn the calendar, it's time to revisit the secrets to developing a personal business plan.
Top Legal Technology Trends for 2002
by Dennis Kennedy

It’s once again time to dust off the old crystal ball and peer into the future of technology in the legal profession. Dennis Kennedy and a panel of legal technology experts share a highly useful list of ideas, forecasts and analysis for the year ahead, especially for firms struggling with what to do in a time of uncertainty and a slow economy.
Branding With Specificity
Law Firm Marketing Experts Share Their Views

Much has been said and written about branding in the legal industry but many questions about its effectiveness remain unanswered. Sugarcrest’s Felice Wagner and several legal marketing experts recently met at the offices of Mayer Brown & Platt in Chicago to share best practices and put theories to the test. Following is the first of two articles on their roundtable exchange.
Getting in Under Corporate Counsel Radar
Some More Lessons From In-House
by Michael Harrison

At a recent presentation by the New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association, five in-house attorneys provided some tips that may just help outside attorneys get in under the radar. Michael F. Harrison reports that corporate counsel want good newsletters, CLE seminars and an invitation to their litigator's court appearances.
Test Your Networking IQ
In today’s economy, a rich database of referral sources and a group of supportive contacts are a lawyer's greatest assets. How does your network measure up? Find out now by taking Sugarcrest’s networking test and discover the secrets to building a more valuable network. Click here to take the test
Wagner to Discuss Personal Business Planning

Personal and professional success is often determined by one's ability to create a plan and maintain focus on what matters most. On Wednesday, February 6, Sugarcrest CEO Felice Wagner will present a program entitled "Creating a Personal Business Plan for Success" for the IP Law Forum and the Tax and Business Forum of the Women’s Bar Association of DC. The program will be held from 8:30-10:00 am at the offices of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner. For more information, contact Rebecca McNeill at (202) 408-4086.


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