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How You Can Help

To our valued friends and clients,

All of us at Sugarcrest wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the people who have been affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Due to the circumstances, we have postponed the delivery of this month’s regular issue to a later date.

As citizens of the free world, these acts of terror touch us all. If you are wondering how you can help the victims--with either your time, money, or even with your blood--these Web sites, provided to us by our friends at the AnchorDesk, can get you started.

American Red Cross. There's already been an outpouring of donations of blood, but more will be needed, especially as the magnitude of this disaster becomes more apparent. Please check this site to find local contact information and, if you're physically capable of doing so, please consider giving blood. If you cannot donate, or if you'd like to do more, the organization also tells you how to volunteer. To help with cash donations, please call (800) HELP-NOW.

New York Blood Center. If you live in the New York/New Jersey metro area, visit this Web site for more information. The organization is making a special plea for Type O donors and all Rh Negative donors to step forward. A pop-up window on this site directs you to specific collection locations, or you can call (800) 933-BLOOD.

The United Way of New York City. This group, in conjunction with the New York Community Trust, has created a victim assistance resource called the September 11th Fund. You may pledge money online and can specify whether your gift will be sent to New York City, Washington, D.C., or wherever it's most needed. Alternately, call (212) 251-4035 or send donations to: September 11th Fund, United Way, 2 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016. This non-profit site aggregates a number of volunteer and donation opportunities. Their specific section on how to help the victims of Tuesday's attacks includes links to blood-donation facilities and organizations accepting donations.

Salvation Army. The organization has pledged international support in the wake of the attacks. You can donate online or volunteer by contacting the Salvation Army headquarters nearest you or calling (800) SAL-ARMY.

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD). This group is a collection of national and regional organizations dedicated to providing resources and services to victims and communities affected by disaster. Many of the organizations appear to be faith based--for example, Catholic Charities USA--and if you'd prefer to offer your services or financial support in this arena, you'll find a comprehensive listing of member organizations, plus links to their individual sites.

I encourage you to forward this message to colleagues, friends and family members so that they can join us in helping the victims of this unthinkable tragedy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone.


Felice Wagner
Sugarcrest Development Group, Inc.
Washington, DC


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