Spring Saving Event at Stoneham Ford
April 2014
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Lease a 2014 Ford F-150 Supercab STX 4X4 for $229/mo!

Buy a 2014 Ford F-150 Supercab STX 4X4 for $29,995 or lease for $229/month.


Lease a 2014 Ford Focus SE Auto for only $119/mo!

Buy a new 2014 Ford Focus SE Automatic for $15,995 or lease for $119/month.


Lease a 2014 Ford Escape SE 4WD for Only $149/mo!

Buy a 2014 Ford Escape SE 4WD for $24,995 or lease for $149/month.


It’s Car Care Month
April is the time to make sure your car is running right

Photo: It’s Car Care Month
Did you know that April is Car Care month? That means there’s no better time to take care of any lingering issues that may have crept up over a rough winter.

Now on DriveLiveTV: The 2014 Ford Edge

With the Edge, Ford has taken sleek styling, the latest tech, efficient power and wrapped it neatly into an appealing and aptly-named mid-size crossover.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Ford F-150 King Ranch®
Powerfully plush

Photo: 2014 Ford F-150 King Ranch®
The Ford F-150, on sale here at Stoneham Ford in Stoneham, Massachusetts, is the bestselling truck of all-time thanks to its timeless combination of performance, price and durability. The 2014 Ford F-150 King Ranch starts with this proven recipe for success and adds high-end luxury appointments, creating a truck that can work all day and then take you to a fancy dinner party that evening.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid
The better way to use batteries

Photo:  2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid
The new 2014 Ford Fusion, available here at Stoneham Ford in Stoneham, Massachusetts, is more than the best new midsize sedan; it’s also the base for America’s best hybrid. The 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid boasts better fuel economy, better styling and better electric-only speeds than the Toyota Prius V. This is how America builds a hybrid.

Candy Alternatives for the Easter Basket
Healthy treats, pennies and more

If you want to avoid all the sugary treats when you’re helping the Easter Bunny with his basket creations, there are many ways to do this while still bringing smiles of delight to your children. We have some ideas to inspire the possibilities.

Tea for Every Mood
You can learn a thing or two from a teetotaler

The Tea Association of the U.S.A., Inc. estimates that tea can be found in up to 80 percent of all American households. When you learn about tea and its benefits and varieties, you won't mind being called a teetotaler.

Five Places to See Beautiful Flowers in New England
Spring is blooming in the Northeast

Springtime in New England is an amazing transformation, when the entire region comes to life with colorful blooms. If you’re in search of some of the area’s most beautiful flowers, be sure to check out these upcoming events and breathtaking destinations, from Maine to Connecticut.

The Blue Oval Makes Big Investment in Bluegrass State
The ever-increasing popularity of F-Series trucks means Ford is stepping up production in a big way

Photo: The Blue Oval Makes Big Investment in Bluegrass State
Ford is already the leading truck producer, but demand for its signature F-Series trucks is far from slowing. As more and more consumers and companies are flocking to Ford, the Kentucky Truck Plant is getting a much needed infusion of cash and new jobs to help produce more of America’s favorite pickups.

Ford Takes to Tape for Design Greatness
Digital design might seem to be in the front seat, but there’s no dispensing with tape

Photo: Ford Takes to Tape for Design Greatness
Every car Ford puts on the road goes through a rigorous design process involving state of the art technologies, from modeling to measuring the final output. But there is a low-tech secret that is essential to each design: Tape.

Converting a Home for Rental
What it takes to successfully rent your home

Converting your home to a rental property can be a great way to earn some extra income, but there are many factors to consider before bringing in tenants. You will need to modify your mortgage and insurance policy, research rental rates, plan for property management and maybe make some repairs or upgrades to your home.

Fun Facts about Administrative Professionals Day
Celebrate these important office personnel

Administrative professionals are the people who keep workplaces going. Secretaries, receptionists and clerks are all different types of administrative professionals. Without them, there would be no such thing as a stable company.

How to Recycle Everything
A quick guide to ditching your stuff

Each year, thousands of items are thrown into trash piles and landfills, creating environmental headaches for future generations. Consider recycling or passing on your unwanted items to others who may have a need for them. Future generations will appreciate a cleaner environment, and others will appreciate receiving items they may need.

Best Wedding Movies
Great wedding movies will make you smile

Weddings are brimming with pageantry and joy, so it's not surprising that movies about them are popular. Here are five wedding movies guaranteed to make you laugh, cry or both.

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