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Thursday, September 16, 2010 Issue 90 - Short, important issue about Aboriginal Events and Initiatives   VOLUME 7 ISSUE 6  
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In This Issue...
Don't miss the Aboriginal Energy and Power Conference
Imagi'Nation Presents: Beneath the Surface
CANDO 17th Annual National Conference and AGM
FREE! Aboriginal BEST Programs starting in 10 locations across BC
Health Care Assistant Certificate Program at NEC
Added Sept. 20th: Nominate and celebrate Aboriginal business owners today!
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In This Issue...
by Liz and Kristin, Aboriginal Youth Media Team

Yay!!! RedWAY is returning to an inbox near you! This spring and summer, we co-hosted an incredible National Aboriginal Day celebration, wrapped up another Aboriginal Youth Media Project, and Kristin finished her Masters of Indigenous Education Degree... so we'll be reworking and publishing this FREE resource for our 9,200 international subscribers again soon!  Watch for full issues of RedWAY BC News soon. We're currently updating links from old issues and inviting you to send us your events, job postings, community news, and stories.
But for now here's 5 things happening soon that we couldn't live without telling you!  Check out articles below about the CANDO Conference and AGM, upcoming FREE Aboriginal BEST (Business Entrepreneurship Skills Training) Programs across BC, a new Health Care Assistant Certificate Program at the Native Education College, the National Aboriginal Energy and Power Association Inaugural Power and Energy Conference, and a new teen suicide prevention and awareness play called "Beneath The Surface." 
Click around in this issue - and send us your news for upcoming issues: editor(at) Peace!


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