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RedWAY BC News E-zine
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Monday, September 14, 2009 Issue 83 - September Starts - Provincial Aboriginal Women's Leadership Event, Indigenous News, Aboriginal Events, Conferences   VOLUME 6 ISSUE 8  
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In this issue...
Invitation to Attend the Initial Meeting in support of Aboriginal Women’s Leadership in BC
Aboriginal BEST Program launching in 10 communities across BC - register NOW
CANDO National Aboriginal Economic Development Conference set for Enoch, Alberta in October
CANDO conference from an Aboriginal Youth's perspective
Aboriginal Events Calendar - Surrey Youth Forum will be taking place on September 19, 2009 at the Surrey Nature Centre, CANDO 2009 in Enoch, AB
Conayt Friendship Centre Executive Director, Canada Council for the Arts, BC Hydro
Aboriginal BEST participant story - small business program benefits artists and non-profits
September Smoke Signals News - BC All Chiefs Assembly Rejects Proposed Legislation, Songweavers Needs Recording Studio Space in BC
Meet an Inspiring Aboriginal Youth Panel
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In this issue...
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Welcome back, RedWAY  Readers! We've grown to 9,200 subscribers this summer - so if you're new to RedWAY, please check out our previous issues to see what you've missed. Look back at Odessa's 'Tech-e Tips' in August, Lacy and Elizabeth's 'profiles of success' from the Urban Aboriginal Youth Collective Forum, Cowboy's introduction to himself and decolonization, or Alice's reflection as a new member of our Aboriginal Youth Media Team,  please snoop around our archives to enjoy our diversity.
This short issue highlights upcoming events and opportunities. Check out the Aboriginal Women Leadership Forum this Wednesday, September 16th at the Tsleil Waututh Nation (Burrard) in North Vancouver and some job postings and training programs like upcoming Aboriginal BEST Programs and ACCESS Trades programs, and more...
And watch for announcements about the next phase of our Aboriginal Youth Media Team Project - we'll be looking to hire 10 Aboriginal Youth participants, attract more partners and host free community workshops to help develop 21st Century Literacy Skills. Next RedWAY e-zine? We'lll do a big issue in two weeks (end of September) to lead us into the CANDO National Aboriginal Economic Development Conference in Enoch, AB.  Send us your events, job postings, and Native News by the 25th to get in the issue on the 29th to  Peace


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