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Thursday, April 30, 2009 Issue 80 - Aboriginal Events for Spring Success, Win to Get In Contests for Don Burnstick Show and Tomson Highway Play, Free Workshops   VOLUME 6 ISSUE 5  
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Don Burnstick Tickets - WIN TO GET IN WITH RedWAY BC News!
Tomson Highway Play 'Ernestine Shuswap Gets Her Trout' On NOW at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver
ACCESS Community Forum May 14th, 2009
Spring Calendar of Events - IAHLA conference, ACCESS forums, International Indigenous Gathering
I Want a Career Without the Degree! Gathering Our Voices 2009
ACCESS Trades Workshops big hit at Gathering Our Voices Conference
Free Youth Event at Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association (KAYA)
Reflections of a new member of the Aboriginal Youth Media Team (AYM Team)
International Indigenous Leadership Gathering 2009 in BC
My First Time Leading a Youth Media Workshop
Job Postings & Employment News: Call for Applications in Banff, Call for Applications for a Youth Internship Program, the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society is looking for an Advisor.
Aboriginal Artist and Award Winning Gallery Owner - Entrepreneur: Alano Edzerza
Summaries of the Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective Forum
KAYA CD Launch & Open House Party Rocked Hastings Street!
Plan now to celebrate NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY this year!
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By Mark: Aboriginal Youth Media Literacy Concept
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My First Time Leading a Youth Media Workshop
It's harder than you think - but I'm taking it one step at a time
by Adele Alexander, Aboriginal Youth Media Team Member

My First Time Leading a Workshop
By Adele Alexander, AYM Team writer
I didn’t realize that presenting is harder than it looks. It was a new experience for me! I have written (and spoken to others) about what I do with RedWAY BC News plenty of times, but to actually stand up and present at a Youth conference is a different experience!

"It was harder than I thought, because knowing something and explaining it are two different things."

We'd created an interactive PowerPoint presentation for our workshops at the Gathering Our Voices Conference, and suddenly I found it difficult to explain the different technical information about publishing our e-zine.  It was harder than I thought because knowing something and explaining it are two different things. I'm going to practice it again and create a narrated version to share in next month's issue - so I hope you'll give me some feedback!
Overall though, I think I did a great job.  I had help from the other AYM Team members - our videographer and some writers. They did great job explaining things that I couldn’t word right or forgot in the heat of the spotlight. I am so glad they were there to help, because Kristin co-facilitated our first presentation then left us to do the remaining ones on our own... saying, "I know you guys can do this so just enjoy it and be open to comments from the Youth." 
Kristin always asks us to look at different sides of things we do to get a whole picture - so from a personal  'technical' presentation perspective, I can see now that it would be a good idea to project my voice a little more clearly. 
And of course, I must learn to breathe better to try not to get so nervous. I also need to practice more with PowerPoint. 
From a team perspective, we could rehearse as a group as many times as possible so we do not have to improvise too much - that way we could focus on the participants, not the content so much.
And something to note about conferences - I need to wear proper shoes!  We always forget on what it’s like running around interviewing people, networking, getting photos and managing the booth for a 12-hour day.  We need to remember what we do at conferences and comfort is important... so if you're a shoe store or company that wants to create a partnership, give us a call! We'll give you lots of great press!

Overall,  I had fun presenting at the 2009 Gathering Our Voices BCAAFC Youth conference. I thought it was great place to practice - and I sure found out that I need to practice more!  I hope to see you soon - and maybe you can bring us to your next conference to do our "Aboriginal Youth Media" series of workshops!

govAdele Alexander is the Job postings and employment news (JPEN) section editor and the Business and Economic development (BED) section editor. Adele is from Skak’it7 (Seton Portage), BC in the St’at’imc Territory. She was born and raised, she moved to Vancouver to attend school. Adele has been living in Vancouver since July 2007 and working for RedWAY BC News since October 2007. The first contract took place in Kamloops for the CANDO Conference, where Adele learned that economics was something youth to this day still don’t know what economics is, and found it rather interesting. In October 2008 Adele attended the CANDO Conference in Montreal, where she spent her 22nd Birthday; she signed up for an Aboriginal Community Economic Development class, and has taken on the Business and Economic Development section in RedWAY. Adele still thinks there is a lot to learn about media literacy and enhancing communication skills. She is attending NVIT for upgrading to do business administration next. You can email her at

Here's me giving Spiritlink props!
Here's me giving Spiritlink props!

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