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Thursday, July 17, 2008 Issue 70 - Celebrating Native Culture, Aboriginal Student Successes   VOLUME 5 ISSUE 9  
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In this issue...
Douglas College stream aims to recruit more Aboriginal people to child and youth care
Fraser Region Interim Aboriginal Authority (FRIAA) Looking to YOU to Join New Youth Council
Job Posting: President Position at Native Education College (NEC)
Aboriginal Health Quick List: Canoe Journeys, Wellness
My First Time Celebrating National Aboriginal Day
Our Newest Guest Aboriginal Youth Writer
Calendar of Events: 40 events like: Summits, WALK4JUSTICE to Ottawa!
Job Postings & Employment News: Native Education College is looking for College President, First Nations Health Technology Coordinator, North Fraser Metis Association, Nisga'a Valley Health Autho
Fall '08 Smoke Signals: Aboriginal Headlines, NDN News
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology is looking for term instructors
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Aboriginal Health Quick List: Canoe Journeys, Wellness
Red Roads/Bloodlines Magazine survey links, Health Career posting
by Jean Sagalon, Health Editor, RedWAY BC News

July 2008 Edition
By Jean Sagalon and the RedWAY writing team
Here's a quick look at what’s going on in and around in the health community this month, plus links to info you or someone you know might need. Send us your Aboriginal Health links and contact us to help expand this below.
The highlights this month include:
* Pictures from the "Pulling Together Canoe Journey"
* upcoming Interior Aboriginal Health & Wellness Conference at Thompson River University (October 15-16),
* Links to the website for the Bloodline Survey for Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS,and
*information about Staying in Balance group support meeting which is an open mixed support group for men and drugs and alcohol.
Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2008 five-day journey builds bonds
By Kristin Kozuback, Editor RedWAY BC News
Photos from the B.C. Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation website:

The wholistic way that many Aboriginal people view health includes the concept of striving for balance...a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.  On the West coast, there is still a strong sense of pride and community that has been interwoven with the traditions of canoes and canoe journeys.  Journeys provide ways that communities to come together, work together, reach out to connect to others, and share knowledge. 
In the spirit of working together, the annual "Pulling Together" Canoe Journey connects Aboriginal youth, police officers, and community members. 
Teams of paddlers filled 15 canoes for the 8-day journey from Hope to Gibsons. The picture below from the shows the Musqueam First Nation Chief Ernie Campbell welcoming Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Michael de Jong, who joined the journey for a while this year.  Photos from photo gallery.
In a June 30th press release, Minister Michael de Jong mentioned, “Aboriginal people have a splendid long history of canoe travel down the mighty Fraser.” He continued, “By funding educational initiatives like the Pulling Together canoe tour, and the documentary commemorating the voyage, we are taking important steps to champion Aboriginal culture and to celebrate it under the New Relationship.”
Musquem Chief Ernest Campbell welcomes Minister Michael de Jong and Pulling Together Canoes along the journey include singing, drumming, traditional welcomings from various Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community organizations along the journey,, ending with a feast.
The Pulling Together Canoe Society and Ride With The Tides Productions will split $30,000 for the journey the development of a documentary called "Pulling Together: A Sacred Journey" commemorating this voyage. 

About "Pulling Together"
The 2008 Pulling Together canoe journey is an eight-day canoe tour that travels from Hope to Gibsons. Started in 2001, teams of Aboriginal youth and police officers train then paddle together. They visit First Nations communities along the Fraser River and share traditional First Nations foods and stories.
Approximately 150 people from Aboriginal groups, RCMP, the Abbotsford, Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, Delta, and Oak Bay police departments are involved.
Visit for some background information of this annual event.  “It is an incredible thing to witness the positive relationships and the friendships that are developing between Aboriginal youth and the police on these canoe trips,” said retired Abbotsford Police Department Inspector John Davidson, who has participated in Pulling Together since its inception. “We are learning and maturing in understanding, something that I believe is necessary for fostering healthy, safe communities for the future.”
The Province is working with Aboriginal people to build a New Relationship and is committed to the Transformative Change Accord that includes revitalizing, preserving and promoting B.C.’s Aboriginal cultures and languages. For media contacts for this event:
Betty Nicholson
Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
250 920-8532 (cell)
Official press release:
John Davidson
Pulling Together Canoe Tour
604 835-1115 (cell)
RedWAY will follow up to post links of the documentary when it's done!
“Awakening the Spirit” Canoe Journey
During the summer of 2008 , the Kla-how-eya Aboriginal Centre and the Surrey Aboriginal Cultural Society (SACS) will host our annual “Awakening the Spirit” 2008 Canoe Journey in support of youth at risk from the Aboriginal community. The Canoe Journey will visit six communities serving as a multi-leveled, arts and cultural learning experience for participants and community members; to inspire pride in identity for Aboriginal youth while modeling and promoting cultural inclusivity.
The outdoor visual arts cultural presentation will be provided by the Surrey Art Gallery (Ingrid Colt 604.501.5193), with the assistance of Cultural Elders (from Kla-how-eya) and Artists (Mike Dangeli), Lyle Campbell and Daniel Levasseur 604.836.9412.
The Dance and Music presentations will be provided by Git Hayetsk Dancers (Mike Dangeli 604.836.9412), drummers Painted Pony (Tom Oleman 604.580.8885 ext. 242), and Children of the Rainbow Drum Group (Nadine Gagne 604.584.2008)

The “Awakening the Spirit” canoe journey will offer participants a number of appealing features along the waters of the Fraser River; First Nations pictographs, stunning geography, lush wilderness and abundant wildlife. 
The Canoe Journey activities will include:
·canoeing (paddling and exploring),
·Elder and Artist led honoring ceremonies and cultural presentations,
·Cultural Dance groups presentations
·Family nights,
·sharing circles,
·swimming and games,
·camping in Teepee’s and sleeping in Longhouses,
·drumming, singing and storytelling.
COMING SOON! Project Timeline
This year, the “Awakening the Spirit” Canoe Journey will be a five day, four night Fraser River excursion (July 22 to July 26) to celebrate with communities along the river:
Day One, July 22, 2008:
· Launch from Harrison Lake, Harrison Hot Springs, BC.
· Paddle to the historic town of Kilby, BC (lunch on the water)
· Arrive in Kilby, BC. Ceremonial welcoming – permission to land from Sto:lo First Nations territory leaders (Drumming and Singing) (Dinner provided to all participants)
· The Surrey Art Gallery will provide the outdoor visual arts presentation of the Canoe and its creation; with the assistance of Cultural Elders and Artists.
· Camp overnight in Kilby campgrounds (tents and Teepee’s)
Day Two, July 23, 2008:
· Breakfast in Kilby, BC
· Team preparation, paddling and skill building activities (lunch provided)
· Launch from Kilby
· Paddle to Xa:ytem Longhouse of Mission, BC
· Arrive in Mission, BC – Xa:ytem Longhouse. Ceremonial welcoming – permission to land from Sto:lo First Nations territory leaders (Drumming and Singing)
· The Surrey Art Gallery will provide the outdoor visual arts presentation of the Canoe and its creation; with the assistance of Cultural Elders and Artists.
· Camp overnight in the Xa:ytem Longhouse: participants enjoy a hands on archaeology tour of the site’s 9000-year-old history. Dinner is a traditional salmon BBQ cooked over an open fire. The evening includes a campfire and storytelling.

Day Three, July 24, 2008:
· Breakfast in the Xa:ytem Longhouse
· Launch from Mission, BC (lunch on the water)
· Paddle to Kwantlen First Nation, Fort Langley Campground
· Ceremonial welcoming – permission to land from Kwantlen First Nations territory leaders (Drumming and Singing)
· Dinner is provided
· Camp overnight in Fort Langley campgrounds (tents and Teepee’s)

Day Four, July 25, 2008:
· Breakfast at Fort Langley Campground
· Launch from Fort Langley Campground
· Paddle to Katzie First Nation Longhouse (lunch on the water)
· Ceremonial welcoming – permission to land from Katzie First Nations territory leaders (Drumming and Singing)
·The Surrey Art Gallery will provide the visual arts presentation of the Canoe and its creation; with the assistance of Cultural Elders and Artists.
·A banquet dinner will be provided to honor all participants, Artists, Dance Groups, Elders, volunteers, funders of the Journey, and Community Leaders.

Day Five, July 26, 2008:
·Breakfast at Katzie Longhouse
·Launch from Katzie Longhouse (lunch on the water)
·Paddle to Barnston Island
·Paddle Journey comes to an end.
For more information - please visit the Surrey Aboriginal Cultural Society website at
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Interior Health Aboriginal Health & Wellness Conference Coming Soon & Conference Coordinator needed            
The Interior Health Aboriginal Health Team is seeking a Conference Coordinator to coordinate our second annual Aboriginal Health & Wellness Conference October 15-16, 2008 at the Thompson Rivers University. 
The two-day conference will bring delegates from Interior Health as well as the Aboriginal communities from the Interior Health region.  This is a contract position commencing July 2008 and ending October 31, 2008. 
Any persons interested in applying for this contract position, please see the BC Bid website at
Interior Health in Kamloops, BC
Topic: IH Aboriginal Health & Wellness
Presenter: Londea Riffel
Date: August 11th 2008           
Time: 10:00 a.m. TO 11:30 a.m. OR 12:30 p.m. TO 2:00 p.m.

Location Hillside Centre, Room 2104/2105 Kamloops Hillside Centre
Video conferencing available, at IP address:      

PLEASE NOTE: Seating is limited.  Registration is on a first come first serve basis. 
Registration below
Registration deadline:  August 8 2008
Course Title:IH Aboriginal Health & Wellness
Date: August 11th 2008
TIMES (please check one box) 10:00 am to 11:30 am-12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
Location: Hillside Center Room 2104
Team Leader Authorization: _______________________________________
Attendees Name: _______________________________________________
Organization:    _________________________________________________
Address: ___________________       __________________________ _____
______________________________                       _____________________
______________________________                       _____________________
E-mail:  ______________________Daytime Telephone:_________    ______
Cost: No Charge
Email Registration to:   
or Fax Registration to:1-250-372-9478, Attention:  Janet Soderstrom
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Bloodlines: A full-colored magazine featuring Aboriginal Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (APHA).
This magazine offers a forum in which APHA’s can share their personal experiences, discuss issues affecting them, offer advice and suggestions to their peers. To view copies of Bloodlines, please go to:
Please take a few minutes to participate in our online survey. The survey serves as an evaluation tool.
*Your input is valuable to us and we look forward to your response. Please click on the following link:
For information regarding Bloodlines Magazine, please contact Andrea Aleck, Bloodlines Magazine Coordinator at 604-913-3332 x. 223 or email: About Red Roads (copied from their website at

"An integral component of the implementation of the Strategy is the creation of the Red Road HIV/AIDS Network (RRHAN) which incorporated on May 7, 1999. The purpose of the Network is to:

  • reduce or prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • improve the health and wellness of Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS
  • increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and establish a network which supports the development and delivery of culturally appropriate, innovative, coordinated, accessible, inclusive and accountable HIV/AIDS programs and services

RRHAN is one of three provincially-based Aboriginal organizations (Healing Our Spirit BC Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Society and Chee Mamuk). Our past work has included, but not limited to:

  • Development of resource directories and guidebooks
  • Hosted and co-hosted numerous workshops and conferences to discuss current issues relating to HIV/AIDS
  • Developed Canada's first full-colored magazine highlighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic amongst the Aboriginal population
  • Utilized mapping and GIS technology to visually represent services available for APHA's in BC" 

Thanks - and please share this info to support our brothers and sisters, families and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

Red Road HIV/AIDS Network
Suite 804 – 100 Park Royal South
West Vancouver, BC   V7T 1A2
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In Merrit or Nicola Valley area?
Come join us at the Conayt Friendship Society for discussions on learning, sharing on your thoughts and ideas about staying in balance. From their website, the Conayt MISSION STATEMENT:
"To improve holistically the quality of life, cultural distinctiveness, and the strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people in the Nicola Valley.
The term Conayt originated from Nlaka:pamux or Ntlakyapamuk, the Thompson language. Conayt means "helping others".
Scheduled dates for -Open- mixed- Women & Men’s Support Groups are every Thursday 1:45 to 3:00 pm.
This support group is open to and for everyone.

Conayt Logo 2.gif
For information, please contact:

Alcohol & Drug Services Coordinator/Counsellor 
at the Aboriginal Friendship Society
1999 Garcia Street              Phone: (250) 378-5107
PO Box 1989                        Fax: (250) 378-6676
Merritt, BC   V1K 1B8          Email:

or find more info at the BCAAFC website:,com_wrapper/Itemid,509/ 

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Contact our Aboriginal Youth Health Section Editor, Jean Sagalon

Jean Sagalon, RedWAY BC News Aboriginal Youth Health EditorIf you have anything you wish to put into the Health section at RedWAY BC News, or want us to cover your next health-related conference or workshop - contact us! We're great at reporting!

Please send your health events, information, facts, pictures, tips whatever it may be to Jean at:

Or call me 604-329-2971 to invite me to your event or talk about ways you can benefit from becoming a Health Section partner!

See Jean's full bio... in our June 2008 issue:,0,w

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