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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Issue 69 - Grads, Dads, & NAD Events with Aboriginal Youth Writers   VOLUME 5 ISSUE 8  
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Meet RedWAY's Aboriginal Youth Writing Team
Summer Is Here! School is out! The Internet is open!
Come meet the RedWAY Writers from Team Spiritlink at National Aboriginal Day 2008
Native Education College News: Announcement, Contest and Youth-Written Article
Leading by Example: Starting a New Youth Leadership Section
When Youth Use Graffiti to Explore Cultural Identity
It's a Wrap With M'Girl!
2008 Registration - Young Spirits Summer Program
Smoke Signals: Community News, Indian Talk
Job Postings & Employment News: Helping Spirit Lodge, WrapZone, Accountemps
Calendar of Events: National Aboriginal Day Events at Trout Lake, Victoria, APTN,North Fraser Métis Association’s
Traffic Advisory for Parade; Come Meet National Aboriginal Day Performers
RedWAY's 'We Want your Grad' Contest!
Meet Jean Sagalon
Over 30 Runners Join the 2008 Feather Run
Aboriginal Health Resource Quick List
Want to Work as an Extra on a Film Set?
A Second Chance in Life with Some Love and Coffee
Fraser Metis Association's 5th Annual National Aboriginal Day Celebration
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Aboriginal Health Resource Quick List
A Quick Look at What's Going on In Health
by Jean Sagalon, Health Editor, RedWAY BC News

Health Quick List
A glance to what’s going on in the health community
Each month, I'll combine a quicklist for a quick look at what might be going down and around in your community. These may not be featured articles, but there's still important info for you to know. Click on the links to find out more information.  
This month I have found some cool sites that may interest you.  Some of the topics are the Climate Action Dividend cheque,pregnancy and support, a summit on climate change in Australia, links to websites about teaching you and your child how to be internet safe, Media Violence and kids, talking to kids about junk food and fast food advertising, also  included information on Pandemic Influenza.
Here is what’s going…
Climate Action Dividend check
Every B.C. Adult and Child will receive a one-time only cheque for $100.00 each for the climate action dividend (from last year's government surplus).  If you filed an income tax, you will automatically get the cheque late next month, but you have to apply for your kids.  The link is below.  

Pregnancy and Sport
Exercising during pregnancy is becoming more popular as it has been known to limit weight gain during the pregnancy, help with delivery and make returning to exercise after the birth much easier. With the increase in the number of female athletes, pregnancy in sport has become a hot topic as it raises a number of legal, ethical, medical and even insurance issues. With so much research being done in this area Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) is pleased to share with you some of the most recent material covering everything from being active during

May 2008 issue of the Canadian Association for the Advancement
of Women and Sport and Physical Activity newsletter: CAAWS eNetwork
Women-Health eNews is an electronic mailing list for activists, researchers, and policy makers, both nationally and internationally, who are working to improve women's health. The list was created and is managed by the BC Centre of Excellence for Women's Health

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2008 International Addiction Summit Melbourne Australia 10-12th July 2008
A Climate for Change an International Summit: Advancing Theory, Research, Policy & Practice In Addiction
A Climate for Change' is a 2-day summit, with post-summit professional development workshops, that will inform, enliven and expand your understanding of addiction.  Look back at the past.  Look forward to new ideas.

We have invited some of the world's leading experts in the field -- who have brought cutting-edge theory, science, and practice to bear on advancing our thinking of addiction -- and gathered them together. The people that changed our understanding of addiction. For more information:
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Healthy in a 24/7 Media World: A Survival Guide for Parents
Good health is about more than strong bones and good teeth. It's about physical, mental, social, and emotional wellness. The media messages and images that our kids consume through TV, movies, video games, the Internet, music, and cell phones shape their values and behavior in ways that can be healthy or unhealthy. But media runs right through the center of our kids' lives, so what's a parent to do? It's up to us to help them use the media they love both wisely and well.

This free guide includes information, facts and Common Sense tips.
Get more information on how media matters to our kids' health and a free copy of the Survival Guide.
Keeping Kids Internet Safe and Smart: A Survival Guide for Parents
Our kids have busy online lives and love it, so what's a parent to do about this tool that gives them direct access to age-inappropriate content and risky social contacts? Since we can't always cover their eyes, we have to teach them to see. This free guide includes information and safety tips for each of the five activities our kids do online: communicating, social networking, gaming, surfing, and downloading. Also available in the guide:
Internet Survival Tips for Parents and Adults, Internet Survival Tips for Kids, the Internet by Age and Stage
Get more information on Internet safety and a free copy of the Survival Guide.
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Common Sense Tips for a Healthy Media Diet
Just as you teach your kids the basics of good nutrition; you can help them learn how to use media wisely. Establish a healthy media diet for your family using these straightforward ideas.
Media Violence and Kids . Use this checklist to identify the potential influence of violent media on your child's development.
Media Violence and Kids »
Selling to Kids. Protect your children from being exploited by advertisers by helping them understand how advertising works.
Selling to Kids »
My Child's Media Diet How much do you know about your kid's media use? Answer the questions on this form and ask your child to fill out his/her own using the form "My Media Diet." Then compare the two. You may be surprised by how little or how much they match!My Child's Media Diet

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My Media Diet. Have your kid fill out this simple form to get a better sense of his/her media habits. You can fill out your own form, "My Child's Media Diet," and compare the results. My Media Diet
Talking to Your Kids about Junk Food and Fast Food Advertising
Help your kids understand junk food and fast food advertising "tricks."
Talking to Your Kids about Junk Food and Fast Food Advertising »
Top Ten Tips for Kids for Viral MediaTips for kids to have fun and stay safe when they use viral media (MySpace, IMing, text messages, etc.) Top Ten Tips for Kids for Viral Media »
Using Media to Teach Kids.Scenes from TV shows, movies, etc. are full of opportunities to teach your child a lesson about life. Here are some tips on how you can take advantage of these Teachable Moments.
Using Media to Teach Kids »
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Pandemic Weekly Newsletter Update
Risk Assessment: The Current Pandemic Phase is Pandemic Alert Phase 3. This phase is characterized by two or more confirmed human infections with a novel virus sub-type and no evidence of efficient and sustained human-to-human transmission.
There has been no change in either the Public Health Agency's or the WHO's assessment of risk of a human influenza pandemic.
Influenza Virus Tracking System (interim) The World Health Organization (WHO) is developing an electronic system to track influenza A (H5) viruses that have been shared by Member States with WHO through the Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN). This is in response to issues raised by Member States and discussed at IGM (put in links to relevant documents).
The tracking system, currently available as an interim version, indicates:
- What H5N1 viruses/specimens have been shared with WHO
- Where these viruses/specimens are located
- What progeny materials have been generated?
- Analyses that have been conducted on the viruses/specimens progeny materials
- Development of reasserting viruses as potential vaccine candidates
- Distribution (recipients) of viruses/specimens, progeny materials and vaccine candidates
The analyses performed by the WHO laboratories are used to make assessments of risk to human health for all H5N1 viruses/specimens received. Improvement of the interim system is ongoing and it is anticipated that this system will be upgraded in the future.  The interim system contains data for the majority of viruses and clinical specimens that have been shared with WHO since 24 November 2007, as well as all H5N1 viruses that have been developed into reassortant viruses as potential vaccine candidates.
Data entry of the remaining viruses and clinical specimens (from 24 November 2007 onwards) is ongoing.
Currently, data entry is conducted by WHO Collaborating Centers, WHO H5 Reference Laboratories, and regulatory laboratories which are involved in the WHO H5N1 vaccine virus selection and development process. These are designated WHO laboratories.

Influenza activity in Canada continues to decline; sporadic laboratory detections and a few outbreaks still occurringDuring week 19, overall influenza activity in Canada continued to decline. The majority of the provinces and all of the territories reported only either sporadic activity or no activity in their regions.  
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Or you can reach me, or leave a message, anytime  (604) 329 2971.
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