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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Issue 69 - Grads, Dads, & NAD Events with Aboriginal Youth Writers   VOLUME 5 ISSUE 8  
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Meet RedWAY's Aboriginal Youth Writing Team
Summer Is Here! School is out! The Internet is open!
Come meet the RedWAY Writers from Team Spiritlink at National Aboriginal Day 2008
Native Education College News: Announcement, Contest and Youth-Written Article
Leading by Example: Starting a New Youth Leadership Section
When Youth Use Graffiti to Explore Cultural Identity
It's a Wrap With M'Girl!
2008 Registration - Young Spirits Summer Program
Smoke Signals: Community News, Indian Talk
Job Postings & Employment News: Helping Spirit Lodge, WrapZone, Accountemps
Calendar of Events: National Aboriginal Day Events at Trout Lake, Victoria, APTN,North Fraser Métis Association’s
Traffic Advisory for Parade; Come Meet National Aboriginal Day Performers
RedWAY's 'We Want your Grad' Contest!
Meet Jean Sagalon
Over 30 Runners Join the 2008 Feather Run
Aboriginal Health Resource Quick List
Want to Work as an Extra on a Film Set?
A Second Chance in Life with Some Love and Coffee
Fraser Metis Association's 5th Annual National Aboriginal Day Celebration
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Meet RedWAY's Aboriginal Youth Writing Team
Adele Alexander, Jean Sagalon, Mark Point, Cassandra Daniels, Krystal Loverin
by RedWAY Writers from across Canada!

Meet the RedWAY REDitors team and Aboriginal Youth writers 
Through contributions by Spiritlink Communications and First Nations Employment Society (FNES), five youth writers have been hired to develop five of our core RedWAY Sections. Below, find out a bit more about the current RedWAY Team members:

RedWAY Youth Writer Adele Alexander job postings training programs employment news Adele Alexander is from Skak’it7 (Seton Portage), BC in the St’at’imc Territory. Adele grew up in Seton Portage, BC and lived there for most of her life then moved to the city to do upgrading and maybe attend Douglas College.  She's 21 years old and is a dancing machine.
Adele has been working with RedWAY BC News since October 2007 as the Job Postings and Employment News (JPEN) Section Editor. Adele worked with the Aboriginal Leadership Paragon Society (ALPS) part -time from December 2007 to March 2008. She has leadership skills from a leadership program taken with FNES from July 2007 to December 2007.  
"For the JPEN Section, I would like to feature jobs in responsible companies that provide valuable work experience for Aboriginal Youth, provide tips and resources to help people prepare for jobs, and write stories about employment partners and successful people. Contact me at jpen(at)spiritlinking(dot)com to highlight job postings or do a feature story."

RedWAY Aboriginal Youth Writer Mark Point Events celebrations Conferences summitsMark Point is from the Squamish Nation.  He is 27 years old and grew up in Vancouver, BC but spent a lot of time in Spences Bridge, BC with his grandfather. Mark has been with RedWAY BC News since November 2007 as the Calendar of Events Section Editor. He is starting his own video production business called “FriesenPoint Productions” with best friend, Carson Friesen. Mark has also worked at Starbucks.

"For the Calendar of Events Section, I'd like to inform people about family-oriented gatherings, traditional events and celebrations, conferences and summits. The main goal is to highlight opportunities that provide a positive outlet for people to connect, get active in their community and gather to have a safe and fun time.  Contact me at events(at)spiritlinking(dot)com or by phone at 778-847-2290." 

RedWAY Aboriginal Youth Writer Cassandra Daniels arts and culture traditional urban music paintingCassandra Daniels is a 20-year old Plains Cree Native from the Canoe Lake Cree in northern Saskatchewan; she grew up in Saddle Lake, AB and moved to Vancouver in June 2007.  She finished some of her high school courses by correspondence on-line and graduated in 2006 from St. Paul Regional High School.  She has finished her first year of Fashion Design and Merchandising at the Art Institute of Vancouver; Cassandra is currently attending Vancouver Community College to earn a make-up artistry diploma.
Cassandara joined the RedWAY team at the beginning of April 2008 as part of a First Nations Employment Society Work Experience Project to develop partnerships necessary to create an Arts and Culture Section Editor.
"For RedWAY's Arts and Culture Section, I'll be looking for reader's stories to help me share fashion tips, profile artists from different genres and media like traditional, urban, music, and painting. She has future plans for leadership development and would to start her own enterprise to create an inspiring legacy. She is also enjoys hip hop free style dance and self-expression.  She expresses her Native side as a Women's Jingle Dress dancer. arts(at)spiritlinking(dot)com   

RedWAY Aboriginal Youth Writer Jean Sagalon health editor health tips advice information
Jean Sagalon is a 24-year old Carrier Nation Native from Fort St James, BC. She is from the Nak'azdli Band.  She spent most of her years as a child growing up in Fort St. James and adolescent years here in Vancouver. Jean graduated from high school in June of 2002. She studied emergency care training in Calgary, AB at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and earned the Emergency Medical Responder certificate in Fall of 2007. 
Upon her return to Vancouver, Jean enrolled in a program with the First Nations Employment Society called Aboriginal Youth Skillslink. Through this program, she got in contact with Kristin Kozuback and joined her company, Spiritlink Communications, to take on a 3-month contract to become the Health Editor for RedWAY BC News. Jean creating a new Health section to discuss topics such as Traditional Healing and Medicines, to offer advice, and to share facts and tips on healthy living. Jean will also be profiling Aboriginal health professionals and role models. Her goal is to get the message across to youth that they can make choices to live a healthy lifestyle.  
My future goals are to obtain my Journalism Diploma, through Langara College, and with this employment opportunity it gives me the perfect insight to the industry and work part-time when I go back to school in the fall. I look forward to my future with RedWAY!  Contact me at health(at)spiritlinking(dot)com  or phone me at 604-329-2971 to arrange a meeting.

RedWAY Aboriginal Youth Writer Krystal Loverin leadership success stories qualities of a leader leader in your mind demonstrations of a leader Krystal Loverin
My name is Krystal Dawn Loverin. My great-grandmother Rosie named me Etszay’uu, meaning “bird in water.” I was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon and I am status Tahltan First Nation. The Tahltan territory is nestled inland in the north of beautiful British Columbia, covering a land mass from the ghost town Cassiar to Telegraph Creek. The territory is pristine in its forests, nature and wildlife. The abundance of un-tapped mineral deposits such as jade creates potential for partnerships with the First Nation’s and mining companies. It also creates division in the people, between those who want development, and those who wish to remain traditional.

I am now 19 and live on Vancouver Island of British Columbia. I love the island, because it grows so many of my favourite food… apples!
"To develop the Leadership Section of RedWAY, I'd like to invite readers to share examples of leadership and success stories from their community. What are the qualities of leaders?  Who is a leader in your mind? How do they demonstrate leadership? I'll also write an article where I pose a question about an issue that’s relevant in communities, share my ideas about it, add in links (if possible) and then ask readers for their opinion. Plus, I hope readers will ask questions about how to manage leadership issues in their communities. I hope we can attract partners who may want to sponsor the section and be 'advisors' - creating an "Ask an Expert" feature - so we can combine the 'expert' ideas with advice from other readers in the next month’s article. I'll also gather and share inspirational quotes about leadership that everyone can use at home, work or the classroom. “ To reach Krystal you can email her at leaders(at)spiritlinking(dot)com 

RedWAY Publisher Kristen Kozuback spiritlink communications enhancing sales and marketing strategies helping youth with media literacy skillsKristin Kozuback is honoured to be working, loving and living in the Coast Salish territories of BC.  She is of mixed Canadian heritage - Ukrainian, English, French Canadian, and more - and grew up in Edmonton, AB in the "City of Champions."  Kristin is a sports enthusiast who believes that strong work ethics create winning teams.  As a the owner of a socially responsible sales and marketing company called Spiritlink Communications, she is the Editor and Publisher of RedWAY BC News
Kristin likes to focus on raising awareness about Aboriginal initiatives and promoting women’s empowerment and youth engagement strategies. She shares 25 years of sales and marketing experience clients, always working to include 'earn and learn' work experience projects for Aboriginal Youth.  For the last 10 years, Kristin has been a business advisor for many First Nations' artists and a teacher at Aboriginal organizations like Helping Spirit Lodge Society, Kla-how-eya, and the Native Education Centre/College. She has worked as the Managing Director of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business where she combined her enthusiasm for social responsibility with her desire to build mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal people, businesses and organizations. 
Kristin is currently enrolled in a Masters of Education Program with a focus on Aboriginal Education at SFU. 
"These are dynamic times as many Canadians are waking up and recognizing Aboriginal rights and titles and the need to work together to create stronger, more respectful communities. Whether motivated by curiousity about cultures, the need to attract a young labour force, social responsibility or anger at 'not knowing much' about our First Peoples, I believe there's a shift back to explore traditional ways of learning, living and rebuilding communities - we're re-discovering "the Red Way." Yet this time, most understand the need to be less dominant, more inclusive. The concepts of sustainability, respect for nature, and multi-generational interaction were once strong within traditional Indigenous ways; they're now marketed as new ideas and given new-found respect.
Ultimately my vision is to continue growing RedWAY and other media literacy initiatives that build bridges across races for Youth, so that Canadians can hear the news from different perspectives, through different lenses, to challenge our own ways of teaching and knowing. Plus, we all need to explore ways to use technology in our own way to become more productive and efficient, having options to improve our personal and professional lives."


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