RedWAY BC News E-zine
RedWAY BC News E-zine
Harnessing Technology to Honour, Inform & Connect Urban Aboriginal Youth to Services, Opportunities, the Community & Each Other

Thursday, September 16, 2010 Issue 90 - Short, important issue about Aboriginal Events and Initiatives   VOLUME 7 ISSUE 6  
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Don't miss the Aboriginal Energy and Power Conference
Imagi'Nation Presents: Beneath the Surface
CANDO 17th Annual National Conference and AGM
FREE! Aboriginal BEST Programs starting in 10 locations across BC
Health Care Assistant Certificate Program at NEC
Added Sept. 20th: Nominate and celebrate Aboriginal business owners today!
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Meet our Aboriginal Youth Media Team (AYM Team) at the Gathering Our Voices Conferences, meet some of our Youth editors, check out Mark's Media Literacy Concept video at,  see a "FNES New staff welcome video" we created for the First Nations Employment Society (though it's now old, lol), and more. Visit  Send us your fav's and comments to
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Calendar of Events 
Conferences, career fairs, pow-wows, cultural gatherings, concerts, Summits, grant or bid deadlines.    
Smoke Signals Section - news in an 'electronic mocassin telegraph' Headlines, stories & opportunities
Smoke Signals
Our 'electronic mocassin telegraph' of headlines, news stories & opportunities.
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Training opportunities, new programs, job postings, success stories, employment initiatives.
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RedWAY BC News E-zine (Electronic Magazine)

RedWAY BC News is a free on-line newsletter created with direct input from its readers to promote communication about the diversity of Canada's Aboriginal peoples and cultures.  It provides ways to immediately strengthen and enhance the creative and technical capacity of Urban Aboriginal Youth, businesses and organizations throughout Canada, starting with BC's Lower Mainland. Our mandate is "honour, inform and connect."
By publishing culturally relevant on-line content in an electronic magazine (or e-zine) format, RedWAY BC News is an innovative and interactive communication tool. It helps celebrate successes and address the wide range of needs faced by Urban Aboriginal Youth in BC. Since November of 2003, Spiritlink Communications has worked closely with over 70 Urban Aboriginal Youth to design, create and maintain the free, secure e-zine for the community.
Originally designed to gather information for and to promote the RedWAY BC Website project (, RedWAY BC News has expanded its content, subscriber base and reach to include an international audience of over 9,200 international subscribers (as of August 2010).

Content for each issue: 7 regular topic sections, up to 5 paid articles, and 5 free articles set aside to promote social justice (Urban Aboriginal Youth, Non-profit groups, and community initiatives)
Writers: mainly Aboriginal Youth Media Team members, but content submitted by community membersthat 'honours, informs and connects' is also welcome! 
Paid articles or enhanced listings available? YES  - only 5 paid articles per issue
Archives searchable:
YES  Click HERE to visit over 80 issues published since 2003
Archive website:

7 Regular FREE topic sections:
  1. JPEN (Job Postings & Employment News) - Lists of job opportunities, training and employment initiatives
  2. Calendar of Events - Upcoming seminars, conferences, deadlines for applications, artist performances, cultural gatherings, community events, etc.
  3. Hot Topics - Issues, research, and ideas brought to light by our readers
  4. Arts & Culture - celebration of diversity of Aboriginal storytellers and story-makers through multimedia art, song, music, poetry, film, cultural events and programs
  5. Aboriginal Health and Wellness - advice, ideas, and programs that support a wholistic, Indigenous approach to promoting healthy choices for individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities
  6. Business and Economic Development News - local, regional, national and international news about Indigenous entrepreneurs, businesses, joint ventures and economic development initiatives
  7. Smoke Signals - short summaries of Aboriginal-related news stories and announcements that you may have missed

Frequent and proposed new sections:
As we develop partnerships to support more Youth writers locally and nationally, we'd also like to have regular updates in these past sections: Leadership and Self-Governance News, From the Street - Youth Voices, Tech-e Talk, and Indigenous Education.

We've also had interest in adding in these new sections: Aboriginal Womens Empowerment, T4 Industry News (Trades, Tourism, Technology and Tertiary/Service Sectors), Aboriginal Sports and Recreation news, Sustainability and Environmental news... 

If you have an idea or resources to help us develop an existing or new section, please contact us!  CONTACT link

Proposed Issue Release Dates and Content Deadlines for 2010:

Issue Release
Issue Number
Proposed Issue Theme(s)
Content Deadline
Vol. 7 Issue 1
Regular - New Year, New Aboriginal Youth Media Team, New Focus on Digital and Media Literacy, Preparing for 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Vol. 7 Issue 2
Regular - ICT, GOV 2010, UNYA events. AYM Team articles
Vol. 7 Issue 3
Regular Issue - March Madness! Promoting Gathering Our Voices, ICT, Indigenous news.AYM Team articles
Vol. 7 Issue 4
Regular - Gathering Our Voices articles, Indigenous Corporate Training news, Getting Ready for National Aboriginal Day June 21st
Vol. 7 Issue 5
Special Events Issue - NAD 2010
July and August 2010
no issues
Kristin finished Masters of Indigenous Education at SFU!
Vol. 7 Issue 6
Special Issue - Promoting CANDO Economic Development, Beneath the Surface play, Health Care Program at NEC, The Energy and Power Conference, Aboriginal BEST Training
Vol. 7 Issue 7
Regular - Community Updates, articles
Vol. 7 Issue 8
Regular - Winter news, announcements, happy holidays


Support our Aboriginal Youth Writers:  

We are proud to say we created a more innovative and interactive AYM Team project this year by learning more Digital and Financial Literacy, participating in the Vancouver Olympic events, attending the Gathering our Voices Provincial Youth Conference, creating a more interactive on-line presence on Social Networking site Facebook, and creating an AYM Team website.
For more detailed RedWAY BC News reader demographics, to submit articles, to support the e-zine, to use our on-line survey feature, or to purchase an enhanced ad or article for your next program or event, please contact Kristin at Spiritlink Communications.  
Main contact: Kristin Kozuback, C.S.P.
E-mail: kristin(at)spiritlinking(dot)com
Phone: 604-783-8304
Mail: 23111 Westminster Hwy  Richmond BC  V6V 1B9

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Last updated: September 2010
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