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October 2014
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Vehicle Profile: 2015 Chrysler 200C
The best of a new breed

Photo: 2015 Chrysler 200C
Chrysler continues its successful luxury-for-less onslaught on the automotive industry with the 2015 200 sedan that's on sale here atSouthern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia. The premium 300 sedan and Town & Country minivan give drivers numerous standard features that cost extra in competing models, and so does the new midsize 2015 200 sedan, which provides more of what drivers want without breaking the bank.

Vehicle Details: 2014 Chrysler 300
Something for everyone

Photo: 2014 Chrysler 300
The 2014 Chrysler 300 sedan, available here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, rewards drivers with plush comfort, excellent performance and efficiency wrapped in elegant “Imported from Detroit” styling. From the 300 with best-in-class fuel economy to the serious performance of the 300 SRT®, the Chrysler 300 sedan offers something for everyone.

Vehicle Details: 2015 Honda Fit Advantages
Fit for everyone

Photo: 2015 Honda Fit Advantages
The Honda Fit, available here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, is a perennial favorite of drivers who seek flexibility, efficiency and the reliability that comes along with owning a Honda. When you compare the Fit to the rest of the competition, you see it’s not much of a competition at all.

Vehicle Profile: 2015 Honda Crosstour
Crossover practicality and sedan driving pleasure

Photo: 2015 Honda Crosstour
If you’re looking for the utility of a crossover and the driving manners of a sedan, then the Honda Crosstour is for you. The 2015 Honda Crosstour, on sale here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, combines the best of both, with premium styling, impressive features and the safety you expect from a Honda.

Vehicle Preview: 2015 Dodge Journey
The fun is in the Journey

Photo: 2015 Dodge Journey
If you were to mix equal parts station wagon, minivan and sedan, you’d end up with something close to the Dodge Journey. The Dodge Journey, available here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, heads into 2015 with a new look and additional technology features.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Ram Promaster®
A full-size van for today’s business owners

Photo: 2014 Ram Promaster®
The versatile and efficient 2014 Ram Promaster van, available here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, is designed to meet the needs of the commercial customer. Offering four body styles, three wheelbases and two roof heights (a total of 14 configurations), plus two engine choices, the Ram Promaster is purpose-built with plenty of options, so buyers can make it exactly what they need.

Vehicle Details: 2015 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Changes
Premium upgrades highlight new Grand Cherokee

Photo: 2015 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Changes
The Jeep® Grand Cherokee, available here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, is the most award-winning SUV ever, yet Jeep still finds ways to consistently improve their iconic model. For 2015, premium upgrades and available packages on the Summit trim continue to distance the five-passenger Grand Cherokee from the competition.

Vehicle Details: Five Reasons to Buy a Jeep® Renegade
The Renegade is ready

Photo: Five Reasons to Buy a Jeep® Renegade
The small SUV segment got a whole lot more capable with the release of the 2015 Jeep® Renegade that's available here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia. While most of the competition talks tough, they’re far more comfortable staying on paved roads. The all-new Renegade, on the other hand, like every Jeep, is comfortable wherever you find yourself. It provides an abundance of powertrain, technology and safety features, plus a best-in-class combination of fuel efficiency and off-road capability.

Vehicle Details: 2015 Acura MDX Advantages
Way out in front

Photo: 2015 Acura MDX Advantages
Only one luxury SUV is the all-time best-seller. The Acura MDX, on sale now here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, has racked up all sorts of awards, and even more sales, because it offers versatility, luxury and a host of exclusive technology and performance features.

Fairs and Craft Fairs in Georgia
Five arts and crafts gatherings for your creative side

The coming months are big for craft shows, as the holiday season is right around the corner. Here are five shows in Georgia where you can purchase or sell some unique holiday goodies.

Tech Tips: Interior Maintenance
Keep the inside of your vehicle looking like new

Photo: Tech Tips: Interior Maintenance
With the temperature starting to decline, you may keep your vehicle windows shut more often and even get the heater blowing. It’s time for an end-of-season clean-up, to remove the dust, dirt and debris of a busy summer and prevent damage to your vehicle’s interior. Plus, a neat and orderly cabin just looks, and feels, better.

Top Winter Wedding Trends
How to have the most memorable winter wedding

Who says you can’t get married during the winter? As it turns out, more and more couples are opting to say “I do” among the chilliest of seasons — from November through February — and it can be done both tastefully and creatively. From cold-weather color themes to seasonal favors, here are some of the most popular trends to take advantage of when having a winter wedding.

Make Your Run More Fun
Running doesn’t have to be boring with these five tips

While some people run primarily for fun, many others run solely for the health benefits. If you are looking for some new, stimulating ways to make your work out time more exciting, look no further.

Be A Green Pet Owner
Tips for being a more environmentally friendly dog and cat owner

We love our pets, so naturally we want to do everything we can to make them happy in return for the joy they bring us. Pet ownership can take a toll on the environment, however, so there are some things you should keep in mind in to be sure that you are as kind to the environment as you are to your cat or dog.


Family-Friendly Movies to See This Winter
Prepared to be excited for the winter season of movies

When the fall slowly starts fading into the early winter months, temperatures drop and outdoor activities with the family become less appealing. The one family event that’s fun no matter what time of year it is (but especially when it’s chilly) is going to the movies. And it just so happens that a slew of entertaining family-friendly flicks are set to hit theaters right before we hit the New Year. So grab some popcorn and take a seat, you and your family are in for a treat!

How to Choose Your Doctor
What to consider when selecting your partner in health

Choosing a healthcare provider is a big decision. Your relationship with your doctor — whether a primary care physician or specialist such as an oncologist or rheumatologist — is dependent upon your well-being. In other words, the right person can make all the difference in how you handle your health. After all, your doctor is who you trust to care for your health, help you make important health-related decisions, and take advice from, so choosing the right one is not something to take lightly.

Vehicle Profile: 2015 Acura TLX
Luxury and performance the Acura way

Photo: 2015 Acura TLX
The 2015 Acura TLX midsize sports sedan, available here at Southern Motors Honda in Savannah, Georgia, sits in the Acura line up between the compact ILX and the larger RLX. The all-new TLX offers exceptional athleticism, refinement and premium luxury. To make that blend of talents possible, Acura developed new technologies to fill the all-new structure of the TLX, creating the most advanced Acura ever.

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