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July 2011
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BMW launches a new campaign to stop the fatal trend.

BMW goes on the offensive this summer with a strong campaign stressing the dangers of texting while driving. “DON’T TXT AND DRIVE – When the Engine Starts the Texting Stops” focuses attention on this dangerous and increasingly widespread problem.
Although many might think that texting and driving is limited to teen drivers, adults are actually the guiltier bunch; nearly 50 percent of all adults confessed to texting while driving, compared to 34 percent of teens.
"Distracted driving is an epidemic in America, and it has deadly consequences for thousands of people on our roads each year," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. Over 500,000 police-reported crashes were caused by distracted drivers in 2008. BMW is determined to use this new campaign to get safety back through television, print and online advertisements. One example of this effort is a new television commercial showing the contradiction between protective parents – almost to the point of paranoid parents – and their thoughtlessness when texting while driving. Why strap kneepads on your children and give them mouth guards when they tackle learning to ride a bike if you’re just going to put their lives at risk in the car while you are driving because you’re too busy texting to pay attention to the road? It’s a poignant question that certainly gets the urgency of the message across.
“Distracted driving of any kind, especially texting while driving, is an extremely dangerous activity that costs thousands of lives every year,” said Jim O’Donnell, CEO of BMW of North America. “We developed this campaign to be impactful in hopes of evoking emotion and conveying the serious dangers of distracted driving and its potential consequences.”
This campaign comes in addition to BMW’s efforts to minimize teen texting and driving with the company’s Teen Driving School in Spartanburg, South Carolina where over 3,000 young drivers have been trained to safely and properly control their vehicles over the last 10 years. BMW will incorporate the new DON’T TXT & DRIVE message into over 100 teen driving schools across the country conducted by BMW Car Club of America Foundation.
Apply BMW’s DON’T TXT & DRIVE campaign in your own home today by using these simple tips:
  • Before you turn on your car, make sure your cell phone is turned off.
  • If you can’t resist the sight of your phone, keep it hidden where you won’t be able to reach it while driving.
  • Inform friends, family and co-workers when you plan to take a long trip, so they’ll know you’ll be out of touch.
  • Use BMW’s advanced vehicle technologies to communicate and navigate safely while you’re on the road such as My Info, voice-recognition, Bluetooth connectivity and more.
Get more tips on not texting and driving, and other information about BMW, from


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